5 Best Toys For 8 Week Old Puppy (Vet Recommended)

So, your newborn pup reaches 8 weeks old. Seeing a puppy gradually growing up is a treasure of happiness for pet owners. It’s a divine feeling that is indescribable in words.

Dog toys, indeed, are a great object to play, have fun, and be busy with during this growing period. But the fact is, finding the perfect toys is difficult because there are many things to consider. Pup’s age. Toy’s material. Type. Size. Hygiene. Safety. Durability. Etc.

Relax; we did everything for you and narrowed down the 5 best toys for 8-week-old puppy. To select the toy, we prioritize your puppy’s breed, size, and safety to choose the toys. Trust us, you will get the market’s top recommendation here.

The solid buying guide and FAQs are a plus in picking the right toy for your pup. So let’s dive into the point.

Do 8-week-old puppies need toys?

We know you care for your puppy like your beloved family member, even as your kid. As there is no boundary between love, affection, and emotional attachment. So, it’s important to know if a 2-month-old puppy does need toys or not.

A newborn pup is like a newborn baby, and it can’t do anything. But, at 4-5 weeks, pups can start playing with solid objects. So, this time you can introduce it with balls and other safe toys to build a specific playing habit.

At this time, it also starts teething. But at 8 weeks, it develops an urge to chew. So, to meet its chewing urge, it starts to chew whatever it finds beside it, blanket, carpet, couch, and many other things.

As you are looking for 8 weeks old pup’s toys. Chewing toys will be the right option to chew teeth and gum, reduce plaque development, keep it busy for long hours, etc.

Besides, puzzles and soft toys are also worthy for developing brain well functionality and crate & kennel training.

And considering all those factors, we enlist each type of toy in our guide. Hope you enjoy reading the words and can pick the right toy that your pup requires and prefers.

Best Toys For 8 Week Old Puppy Comparison Table


Best For 

Toy Types 

Dog Breeds & Age 


Outward Hound Puzzle Dog Toy

Best For Brain Train

Interactive treat puzzle

All Breed Sizes

Used non-toxic material for pet safety

Good to play hide and seek with treats

Stimulate brain and body to boost physical & mental growth

Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Mini Toy

Best For Active Chewer

Entertaining  chewing bone 

All Breed Sizes

FDA approved materials ensure safety 

Smells like lamb and apples to increase its whet 

Boost puppy’s strong, sharp, and white teeth

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

Best For Anxiety Relief

Snuggly puppy Plush Toy

All Breed Sizes

Soft texture and real feel heartbeats makes an animal replica

2 AAA batteries included the toy for making heartbeat sounds 

8 and 24/7 hours, 2 playing modes 

Orka Tennis Ball by Petstages

Best For Fun

Ball toy 

All Breed Sizes

Safe, durable, and lightweight due to TPE rubber

Excellent bounce to throw sand or grass

Its 3 inches diameter fits most launchers

Kong Puppy Binkie

Best For Teething Stage 

Binkie toy

Small and medium breed 

Flexible, easy to carry, and soft to chew

Promote healthy teeth, mouth, and jaw development

Affordable price but durable to last 5+ months

Best Toys For 8 Week Old Puppy Review

1. Outward Hound Puzzle Dog Toy - Best For Brain Train

You, definitely, love to make your pup smart and sharp. But don’t know how to fulfill your desire. In that case, a puzzle toy, not just chewing, can be a good choice for your 8 weeks old chihuahua, pug, pit bull, bernedoodle, or Goldendoodle
. Because the toy is designed to occupy your dog’s four legs and brain while playing.

Sounds a little harsh! Let me explain.

Hopefully, you know how puzzles stimulate one’s brain to sharpen. Basically, the Outward Hound Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy is developed based on this concept for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

This interactive puzzle toy has a non-slip base and 9 removable treat compartments. Each of them can hold ½ cup of kibbles. This toy is excellent for you and your quick eater pup to feed, entertain, and do funny activities together.

Before placing the toy in front of your pup, you should hide the kibble in the compartment. Once your pup gets the toy, the flavor of the kibble will nudge its sense. So it removes the compartment with its paws or heads to eat the treat. The more it can remove the compartment, the more treat it achieves.

As the toy keeps your pup physically and mentally involved. Directly and indirectly, it improves your dog’s physical and mental well-being.

PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free plastic are toy materials that are pet safe, non-toxic, and durable. Since the pup’s chewing marks won’t appear on the toy, one will last almost 3 months, even for everyday use.

What We Like

  • gf

What We Don't Like

  • Slobber can make the pieces difficult to handle

Why Should You Buy This Toy?

It’s excellent to brian train your 8 weeks pup to combine food and entertainment. Removing the puzzle’s compartment improves physical activity, and finding the treats improves brain muscles. Even food-safe material ensures no health risk. So without thinking twice, you should grab it for your pup.

2. Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Mini Toy - Best For Active Chewer

Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Mini Toy
If you live in a highly warm region, you and your small furry friend must tolerate this unbearable heat. And if your pup suffers from gum sores for chewing urge, and an active chewer, the suffering goes beyond description. Here, the Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Mini Toy is a gem for the pup to reduce its suffering. 

It is made with Polyurethane, an ultra-strong, non-toxic, and FDA-approved pet-safe material. So it won’t create any health risks for your pet. Even due to the strong material, it lasts longer than other chewing toys, even for active chewers.

Yet, the material and texture of the toy improve your puppy’s teeth and gum development preventing plaque and tartar buildup. That means your pet will have strong, sharp, and white teeth to live a healthy life in its adult age.

As it is a freezer toy, you can keep it in the freezer to cool it for shooting the pup’s chewing sore. Cooling takes only 30 minutes; this is great for offering frozen treats to your dog.

The color-changing technology of the toy changes its color in the home and freezing temperature. So, you can easily understand its hot or cooling stage by observing its color.

On top-notch, it smells like lamb and apples, your own or foster how much does it cost to foster a dog 8-week-old Goldendoodle, Monster, Doberman, or any other pup will enjoy.

The one drawback of the toy is that the hole of the toy is too shallow. That’s why it’s difficult to pour plain applesauce, yogurt, or pure pumpkin and give it to your pet. Cleaning inside the small pockets is also difficult. But using your reusable straw cleaners works best to get the extra treat out.

What We Like

  • Soft, flexible, but durable chewing toy to play
  • Rough texture for shooting pup’s teeth and chewing sore
  • No smell to humans and leave no stains on bedding
  • Great for freezing and regular temperature use

What We Don't Like

  • Hard to clean for a small hole

Why Should You Buy This Toy?

You should have this toy for your active chewer pup to freeze before offering a delicious treat with fun playing. It also promotes dental care for destructive chewers by shooting gum sores

Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Mini-Toy

3. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy - Best For Anxiety Relief

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy - Best For Anxiety Relief
Struggling to crate & kennel training your 8 weeks pup at night because the kennel is its least favorite word. During the night, when you leave your pup in its house, it starts streaming, crying, or whining due to anxiety and ruins your sleep.

Looking for a worthy solution as a pup calming aid to relieve anxiety and help you sleep at night? Here, SmartPetLove can understand your situation, and for this, it brings the Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy to ensure your sound sleep every night.


The SmartPetLove found that your pup won’t like the kennel because it feels alone and boring, even fear drives its anxiety. For these emotional consequences, it barks and cries. So it needs a physical warmth with maternal intimacy that helps to feel comfortable.

According to the sense, the snuggle puppy toy is designed with a soft and smooth texture for physical warmth. The real-feel pulsing heartbeat helps him to think of it as its mother’s heartbeat. So it feels safe and sounds when snuggly holding the toy.

STU (Science, Technology, and Utilization) Testing Service certificate material is used to make the toy pet safe. It comes with 2 AAA batteries and 2 playable modes including a heart to create the heartbeat. That works to create heartbeat sounds in the toy to make it a replica of an animal.

You can set the heartbeat sound for 8 hours or 24/7 by pressing its on/off switch. To do that, you should have to follow simple steps. Press the on button once for 8 hours, and for 5 seconds for 24 hours. To turn off the heartbeat, press the off button for 5 seconds. So simple.

Then, place it into the toy’s pouch. Believe it or not, within 2 minutes it gets hypnotic, and within 5 minutes, it sleeps. And you can also have sound sleep with no destruction.
SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy - Best For AnxietyRelief

What We Like

  • Give your pup a littermate replica feeling
  • Odorless and no electricity required to get a heartbeat 
  • Well-made, soft, and adorable snuggle buddy 
  • Durable enough to hold many biting sessions
  • Easy to clean with a washing machine

What We Don't Like

  • Batteries last for 6-8 weeks

Why Should You Buy This Toy?

This snuggly buddy will be your game changer for sound sleep at night and your 2 months age pup’s crate & kennel training. Though it is a little pricey, for your solid sleep, it is worth it.

Orka Tennis Ball by Petstages - Best For Fun

Orka Tennis Ball by Petstages - Best For Fun
Hey, you must be nostalgic remembering your childhood days playing with the tennis ball in your backyard. Yes, we want to get back your sweet memories with Orka Tennis Ball by Petstages for your ball mad 8 weeks old puppy. You and your furry friend play together when you get the time and kick off the tiredness of everyday work hassle.

Don’t get time to play with your pet, but it nags to play, no problem. It is good to solo play because of its bouncy feature. So there is no need to always be involved with your pet in playing. It even bounces on soft surfaces like sand and grass. But in that case, you must supervise your pet for outdoor playing.

The sturdy but soft Orka TPE rubber material of the ball makes it safe, durable, and lightweight. The ribbed texture is helpful for your pet for longer hours chewing, playing, and massaging its gum. That means the ball also participates in improving your pup’s dental health.

The 3 inches diameter design is the same as a tennis ball for fitting most launchers. On the opposite end, two holes are nice to stuff the treat into the ball to reward the pup. However, the ball is easy to clean with mild soapy water.

What We Like

  • Great for tiring energetic pups for super lightweight
  • Bouncy enough to throw the ball about a football field distance 
  • Incredibly robust yet soft for chewing longer hours
  • Perfectly fit in a normal size ball launcher 
  • Floats in the water for playing water game

What We Don't Like

  • Not for aggressive chewers and kids

Why Should You Buy This Toy?

This toy ball will satisfy your 2 months chewing pup and help to reduce its destructive behavior with fun playing. The perfect size, and shape, with great bounce, are enough for solo playing indoors, outdoors, and even in water.

5. Kong Puppy Binkie - Best For Teething Stage

Orka Tennis Ball by Petstages - Best For Fun
Could you remember your teething age? We are sure you can’t, but hear the horror stories from your parents that countless times you bit them.

Yes, your pup also does that to drive the gum sore for teething. Giving your pup the small-sized Kong Puppy Binkie toy is an absolute choice.

It is built with rubber and shaped like a pacifier with a holding handle that makes it flexible, easy to carry, and soft to chew. So your 8 weeks Pitbull, the best dog food for 8 week old Pitbull puppy Chihuahua, Frenchie, Great Dane Mix, or Siberian Husky loves it to fulfill its chewing urges.

Moreover, chewing the toy will promote healthy teeth, mouth, and jaw development by training proper chewing. In the long run, the risk of bad teeth, breath, or dental problems will reduce nip in the bud. That’s amazing for this little investment.

If you face trouble feeding your pup, this binkie can be a nice tool to solve it. Pour your pup’s favorite treats into it, and give it to the pup’s hand. Now it will eat the treat while playing. It means killing two birds with one trigger. But you should observe and keep water beside the pup to avoid eating chunks.

Though it is rubber-made, most pet owners found it extremely durable that lasts up to 9 months of your pup. The pup can play with this toy for around 6-7 months. Which is huge durability for this small piece of toy.

What We Like

  • Ease chewing sore, and help to develop gum and teeth 
  • Flexible rubber material, yet extremely durable
  • Bouncy enough for throwing and playing in the home 
  • Participe to your pup’s weight management to avoid overweighting

What We Don't Like

  • A little too small for a boxer pup

Why Should You Buy This Toy?

The small or medium breed pup with a teething stage and the chewing urge will love this toy to play, entertain, and to cut off its boredom. You’ll love this Binkie toy to see your happy pup with a smiling face. Affordable prices, 3 different sizes, color choices, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are also worthwhile.

How To Choose The Best Toys For 8 Weeks Old Puppy

Choosing captivative and persuasive toys for your small pup is stumbling when countless options are in the pipeline. But focusing on some core points can reduce your toil and help you to pick the sparkling one that will be relevant to your furry friend. This buying guide will discuss some top features you must consider.

1. Know Your Pup

Since you are looking for toys for your 2-month-old pup, nothing can be more important than prioritizing it. Here are some questions as a clue to know it.

  • What is its breed? (Small, Medium, Big)
  • What is its size and weight based on its age? (Perfect, Under, Over)
  • What is its behavior pattern? (Aggressive, Sluggish, Active, Lethargic, etc.)
  • What types of toys does it require, or you think to offer? (Only entertainment, chewing & entertainment, fun & training, fun & development etc)

Once you have those pieces of information about your pup, it’ll be easier to define the toy types that fit the dog.

2. Materials & Design

The next considerable thing is the materials and design of the toy. Quality, non-toxic, and pet-safe material ensures the pup’s safety and the toy’s durability. Design, on the other side, ensures the pup’s proper handling and comfort.

If the toy you choose isn’t that high quality and has the perfect design. In most cases, pups won’t love to play. Even the worst thing is when your pup chews it while playing, the cheap materials of the toy may upset its stomach.

So, you should check the toy materials that are vet recommended or certified by other national authorities. In this case, rubber, BPA-free polyethylene, etc., can be preferable.

You can prefer 3″×4″×5″ dimensions and soft toys for the right shape, design, and size according to your pup. The mentioned dimension is to give you an idea. The slightly under or over dimension is also acceptable.

3. Easy To Use & Clean

Pup always loves to play with toys that it can use with ease and comfort. So, you have to check the use process of the toy and the texture to ensure effortless playing and no hurting. That’s the first part that is relevant to your pup.

But the second part, which is easy to clean, is relevant to you. You probably won’t like giving your pup a tidy toy to play with and not spending too much time cleaning it. So, easy cleaning, particularly machine washable toys, will be good to choose to maintain hygiene.

4. Color & Durability

Though, there is no relevance between color and durability in normal insight. But, if you think foresight, there is.

In common sense, the vivid color that captures your puppy’s eyes will be the preferable pick. But, it has to go under uncountable chewing, throwing ground, and misuse.

So, falling the dog’s teeth marked on the toy hundreds or thousands of times chewing, losing its shiny color coat for repeated washing is normal for most dog toys. So for a few days later, your pup won’t like the fade-looking toy, and you have to buy a new one for it.

To use the toy for some extra months as like new, depends on its vivid but solid color and durability. If one toy lasts for 2-3 months, that’s ok against its price range because, almost 8 weeks pup toy’s price ranges are between $10 to $20. Which is reasonable.


How do I keep my 8-week-old puppy entertained?

Building an interactive playing zone and hourly session with your pup is the most appropriate and proven way to keep your 8-week-old puppy entertained. In this 1 hour, you should pay 100% attention to your pup to feel it your presence.

Can I leave my 8-week-old puppy home alone?

No, leaving an 8-week-old puppy home alone is not recommended for various reasons. For example

  • An 8 weeks pup is too small to live alone at home for long hours. It will fear the emptiness of the house. 
  • It’s time to introduce your home environment. 
  • Your four-legged friends need to train in socialization at this age.

At what age are puppies the naughtiest?

The pup becomes the naughtiest at around 2 to 6 months. Because at this age, they develop undesirable behaviors like chewing, barking, house-soiling, counter surfing, and jumping up. So, you should train them before this age to reduce their undesirable behaviors.

Sum Up

Entertain your 8 weeks pup with the captivating toys that will be its playing partner as well as ensure health benefits. Choosing the right toy, indeed, an object that keeps your pup busy and occupied  but enchants all the time.

First, feel and listen to your pup pick its toy. But, still, you seek suggestions, Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Mini Toy is the best for meeting chewing urges, and Outward Hound Puzzle Dog Toy is the best brain train.

Even talking with a professional vet about its toy is also a great idea.

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