5 Best Collar For 8 Week Old Puppy (Quality And Comfort Ensured)

It’s fun having a pup and gradually, it’ll be your friend and a joyful part of your happy family. Bringing your pup outside the home is risky as it may run away and won’t return.

So what’s the solution?
Yes, wearing a personalized collar to your pup is a wise idea to keep your info attached through a tag.

However, here we caught up on the 5 best collars for 8 week old puppy that are comfortable, stylish, and durable. Apart from this, we also discuss an 8 week pup collar size, puppy’s collar buying guide, and some FAQs. Trust us; it will be one of the convenient guides for you and your beloved pup. Let’s get started.

What Age To Put Collar On Puppy

Dog training experts have different opinions about the right age to put a collar on a pup. They have many valid grounds to justify their opinion. However, here we’ll introduce you to the general age range of puppies to put on a collar. 

You can talk to a professional dog trainer informing your pup’s health and other features to know what is the right age for your pup to put on a collar.

  • One group of experts recommends putting a collar on a puppy at 8 weeks if you just keep it at home.

  • Another group of experts recommends starting collar and leash putting training at the age of around 10 weeks.

Since one group suggested putting on a collar to your pup at the 8 weeks age, you can wear your puppy a collar for a few hours a day at this age. You can increase the time when it is getting used to the collar.

8 Week Old Puppy Collar Size

Though the collar size will depend on your puppy’s health, around a 12-16 inches long collar will usually fit the maximum 8-week age pup’s neck. If you buy a 2-3 inches longer collar than this size, your dog can wear it for a few more weeks, till 10-12 weeks.

Best Collar For 8 Week Old Puppy Comparison Table


Best For



Closure Type


Joytale Reflective Dog Collar

Best For Overall

Nylon and Plastic

5 sizes from X small to X large



Lanyarco Pet Collar

Best For Decent Quality 


X small



LovelyDog Embroidered Dog Collar

Best For Personalized/Customized 


4 sizes from X small to large



PetSafe Adjustable Martingale Collar with Buckle

Best For Budget 


4 sizes from X small to large



Unique Style Paws Soft & Comfy Bowtie Dog Collar

Best For Adorable


6 sizes from XX  small to X large




Best Collar For 8 Week Old Puppy Review

1. Joytale Reflective Dog Collar - Best For Overall

Joytale Reflective Dog Collar - Best For Overall
Joytale brings reflective dog collars for your pup to a large dog to make it visible in the dark and ensure safety. The collar is made with neoprene rubber and reflective threads padded with nylon fabric. All those materials are ultra soft, flexible, and durable. When putting this collar on your 8 weeks pitbull puppy best dog food for 8 week old pitbull puppy. Doberman mix, Chihuahua mix, and Norwich Terrier, they feel comfortable and breathable.

Two-sided double stitches absolutely make it decent and long-lasting. The collar’s easy and adjustable ABS buckle is convenient for fast and secure put on and off. The D-ring of the collar is excellent for attaching a leash with it and enjoying a walky-talky time together.

Choosing the most comfortable size for your pup is nothing to worry about, as Joytale considers all your pets, from small to large. It brings 5 different sizes of the collars with 12 classic colors. You can pick the size and color of the collar as per your and your pup’s requirements.

Are you thinking about writing your information on your dog’s collar? The collar has a separate loop to attach an information tag that helps you to customize the collar as per your taste.

What We Like

  • Perfect fittings with accurate width and length
  • Easy to wear with fast-release buckles
  • Comfortable and won’t cut in the pup’s neck
  • Solid pattern and reasonable price

What To Improve

  • The pup may find a weird smell when first wear

Why Should You Buy This Collar?

If you love to take the pup with you during backyard walking to make the time enjoyable, Joytale is the best collar for your small puppy. It’s also stylish and easy to wash and maintain.

2. Lanyarco Pet Collar - Best For Decent Quality

Lanyarco Pet Collar - Best For Decent Quality
If you are looking for a decently leather-made collar for your small breed pups, the Lanyarco Pet Collar will be the most convenient option for you. Lanyarco used the most quality PU leather and stitched its two sides to ensure its durability and longevity.

The 10.5 inches long and 8 inches wide collar will snugly fit your furbaby. That’s why your pup feels comfortable all the time wearing the collar. On top of that, the puppy won’t face any skin, breathing, or trachea problems because of the leather’s soft texture.

The collar is nicely designed with a cute bell, so when your little 8 weeks pup wears the collar and roams around the home, it’ll let you know where the dog is. The easy and adjustable unique buckle makes it simple to wear and remove from your puppy’s neck.

Different 6 colors of the collar are worthy of choosing according to the pup’s fur. In most cases, users found the hot pink color exclusive to their white, black, and gray fur friends. The budget is also affordable compared to its quality and design.

What We Like

  • Quality leather material ensures longer using
  • It perfectly fits your miniature puppy
  • Elegant metal work with buckles and lovely bell
  • Anti-slipping, easy to put on and off

What We Don’t Like

  • For too small pups, the bell will hang on like a necklace 😁

Why Should You Buy This Collar?

There is nothing as good as Lanyarco Pet Collar, considering materials, thickness, sticking, sizing, and color. It’s absolutely the most comfortable pup collar against its price.

3. LovelyDog Embroidered Dog Collar - Best For Personalized/Customized

LovelyDog Embroidered Dog Collar Best For Personalized Customized
Is your 8 weeks darling furry friend very anti-collar?

Does it record getting out of the house multiple times?

In that case, a customized collar that mentions its name and your phone number is the ultimate solution to live the hope of getting it back home. As, whoever will find it, can call you to let you know where your pup is.

LovelyDog can realize your needs and bring personalized embroidered dog collars for your friend. Nylon dog collar material is used to make the collar and ensure its sturdiness. Not only that, your name and phone number will be engraved on the collar with quality thread. It used bold and easy-to-read fonts when engraving to visible the text from a far away.

The super small collar comes with 10-12 inches in length and 3-5 inches in width to comfortably fit, not to risk cutting its neck. You can easily put the collar to your dog’s neck on and off because of its simple and fast-release button. However, an anti-accident reflective thread is used to find your pup at night and early morning.

The collar is machine washable, so clean it without any hassle. Just throw it into the washing machine, wash it, and dry it under light sunlight. The text won’t fade with time due to cleaning it. That’s great!

What We Like

  • Heavy duty materials ensure a decent quality 
  • Embroidery texts stitching is permanently visible
  • Accurate sizing offers comfortable and adjustable fittings 
  • Colorful and soft fabric won’t be allergic to the pup’s skin

What We Don't Like

  • It would be better if there was rougher fabric outside the collar to create more friction on the neck.

Why Should You Buy This Collar?

You must choose this LovelyDog Embroidered Dog Collar for customization opportunity, superior safety, and utmost durability.

4. PetSafe Adjustable Martingale Collar with Buckle - Best For Budget

PetSafe Adjustable Martingale Collar with Buckle - Best For Budget

Now, it’s time to check the martingale collar, which is well made but comes reasonably priced. The PetSafe adjustable martingale collar with a quick snap buckle is the great pick for your 8 weeks American Staffordshire, German Shepherd, best ear cleaner for german shepherds) or any other small breed pups.

The collar is made with durable nylon fabric to make it comfortable while walking. The martingale collars come in different sizes to ensure proper fitting (tighten during pulling, and loosen when sitting or stop pulling) than choker collars. Since your pup won’t feel too tight wearing this collar, it’ll be a great pick to train without rubbing or bruising the pup’s throat.

On top-notch, the soft nylon material and well-stitched edges of the collar ensure pup’s no skin irritation. The fast snapping buckle will help you to easily put on or off the collar with proper safety and security.

Don’t you want to style your pup with this collar? Sure. PetSafe not only considers durability and safety, but also keeps your pup’s style sense in mind. It brings 5 colors of collars; Red, Royal Blue, Black, Deep Purple, and Raspberry. So you have the option to choose any color that looks awesome on your pet’s fur and will be visible from a long way.

What We Like

  • Quality nylon material ensures durability
  • Snap and easy locking mechanism offers fast put on/off
  • The small plastic tag near the buckle is good for attaching the pup’s ID
  • Buckle, rings, or any other things won’t have any rough spot

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes, the ID tag may turn around the back when using a leash

Why Should You Buy This Collar?

Used Nylon as the most comfortable dog collar material, well designed, various sizes for perfect fitting, fast release pressure, and affordable price are the causes to own this PetSafe adjustable martingale collar for your 8 weeks pup.

5. Unique Style Paws Soft & Comfy Bowtie Dog Collar - Best For Adorable

Unique Style Paws Soft & Comfy Bowtie Dog Collar - Best For Adorable
The Unique Style Paws Soft & Comfy Bowtie Dog Collar is excellent to choose for your little
pug Chihuahua mix dressy occasions. Because different patterns of pure cotton fabric material make the collar simply adorable, and the bow tie is fantastic. So that you can match the collar pattern with your puppy’s dress to look aesthetic.

Since the collar is made of pure cotton fabric, it is incredibly soft and smooth for your fur baby’s sensitive skin. A welded stainless steel D ring is attached to ensure durability. Even the double box stitch of the collar’s every stress point provides extra strength not to hurt your pup.

Its small collar comes in 10 to 16 inches in length and ⅘ inches in width, whereas its bowtie size is 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. That will fit your 8 weeks pup, neither too loose nor too tight.

Moreover, because of its premium and adjustable roll buckle, you can effortlessly put on/off the collar to your puppy’s neck. The lock is anti-slip so the collar won’t fall from the pups.

In addition, the collar’s elastic strap attached bowtie is entirely hand-sewn and removable, which boosts a sense of style to your 8 weeks old pooch. The bowtie isn’t machine washable, but it takes a few minutes to wash with soapy and clean water.

What We Like

  • Sturdy manufacturing with quality material and stitching
  • The collar is flexible, comfortable, breathable, and fashionable
  • Safe for delicate pup’s skin without any chance of rash
  • Easy to wear, remove, clean, and maintain

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no option to attach your pup’s ID to its collar

Why Should You Buy This Collar?

The pet owners who love fabric collars for their pets instead of leather, and plastic materials, the PetSafe collar is the right pick for them. It is notable for its manufacturing, comfort, adjustability, and cute appearance.

What To Consider Buying 8 Week Old Puppy Collar

Your pet child is nothing less important than your human child. Isn’t it? So when choosing a collar for it, you must keep many things in mind to pick the right one from the market crowd.

If you miss anything, there is a high chance that your pup won’t like the collar to wear. We know you don’t want something to happen like it. Let’s see some fundamental factors to consider to choose an 8 weeks old pup’s collar.

Know Your Pet

First, you have to know some basic information about your pup. Such as

1. What is its neck size?

Take a typical measurement tape, and place it on your puppy’s neck from exactly behind its ear. Put your two fingers between the tape and the neck and look at the tape. The number you notice is the size of your puppy’s neck, and you must buy that size collar. 

2. What is its skin type? (soft and sensitive, dry and rough, etc.)

Touch your pup after 30-60 minutes of its bathing. If you feel the fur is soft and you love to touch, its skin is sensitive, and if you feel dry, its skin is rough. You can take professional help for better assessment.

3. Does it have any skin problems? (allergy, rash, etc.)

Recall its medical history to know its skin problem. Or you can talk to a skilled vet before buying a collar for your 8 weeks pup.

4. Does it have any collar material preference? (cotton or nylon fabric, leather, plastic, etc.)

You can remember, when you put it on a dress, what material it likes to wear, and whatnot. This simple trick can help you identify its preferred materials.

5. Does it have any specific style preference? (flat, slip, martingale, etc.)

If you have more pets at home, it’s obvious your 8 weeks old pup will play with them. When the other pet wears a collar, observe the little pup’s reaction to know any collar type preference.

6. Does it have a chewing habit?

You can easily identify its chewing habit by following its activity. If the pup chews whatever it gets, you can predict it’ll also chew the collar. It won’t chew the collar if it doesn’t chew everything.

Once you know all the information about your pup, you can ensure to pick the collar that your dog will love to wear.

Never Compromise With Quality

So now you know every detail of information about your pup. You must choose the collar with top-quality soft and hard materials to ensure the best quality. Besides quality, look at the manufacturing details like stitching, soft edges, and flexibility. As all those things have a great impact on the pup’s collar quality.

Ensure Comfort

The chances are 50/50 of coming back to a dog that runs away. If there is a good reason to run away from the fence and a valid reason to come back, only then the dog will return to its owner. But, if the dog runs away due to anger, the chance of returning is lower. So you should be conscious about your dog to keep it in the fence.

Safety Is A Must

The collar, which has reflective threads inside it to visible your pup in dark areas, attaching your pup’s information with the collar through an ID tag, or engraving the information in the collar as an easy to read font and size are the three best ways to offer safety and security to your pup.

Yes, you don’t need all these three features at once, and no collar comes with them at a time. You can choose a collar if at least two features match. They are reflective threads and ID attachment or reflective threads and information engraving.

Don't Overlook Style Sense

Hay, your pup also likes to be fashionable with its collar. So you shouldn’t overlook or underestimate its style sense when grabbing a collar. Instead, pick a collar that is combined with all the above features and also stylish or adorable to look at.

Never Forget To Check Durability

You may think you are just buying a dog collar, here’s nothing to check durability. You are not on the right track, my friend. So it’s wise to choose a durable collar that will at least last till your pup’s 12-14 weeks age. Then it’s ok to buy a new one, as, at this time, your 8 weeks older pup will grow with time, and it needs something large in size.

How To Train 8 Week Old Puppy To Wear A Collar

Your 8 week old puppy’s collar has arrived at your home. So, what to do now? Yes, it’s time to put the pup on the collar. But how? As it didn’t wear any collar earlier.

Training to wear a collar is the best option, and this is why now we’ll shortly discuss how to introduce your 8 weeks pup to wearing a collar.

  • Most trainers suggest putting your pup’s on a collar and repeatedly offering treats. This trick will help the puppy think wearing a collar is a positive thing to get treats.

  • The next trick is, if it stays calm with the collar, you reward its favorite treats instead of a regular treat. So that your pup will remain calm for a long time with the collar hoping to get delicious treats.

  • Don’t pressure your pup to wear the collar all day. Instead, help it to be gradually habituated with the collar.

  • Observe the pup’s behavior when it roams around the home with the collar. So you can rectify any problem if it feels with the collar but can’t tell you.

  • Put off the collar during sleeping time and when it takes rest.


Can you put a collar on a 6 week old puppy?

No, putting a collar on a 6 week old puppy is not suggested. But, if your pup is healthy and you can ensure the collar won’t affect its throat and skin, you can try.

Should a puppy wear a collar all the time?

It’s not a good practice to wear a collar on a puppy all the time, as it may affect the pup’s skin and throat. But, when you take it out for walking or travelling, wearing a collar on your dog is a must.

What size collar for lab puppy 8 weeks?

The lab puppies are fast growers, a 9-10 inches long collar will best fit them. But, you can choose a collar 12-14 inches long, which is adjustable.

Final Words

Hopefully, our guide can satisfy you by letting you know the best collar for 8 weak old puppy. So why are you waiting? Just grab the collar that suits your pup, and ensure comfort and support for a longer time.

But, if you are still confused, we can suggest the Joytale Reflective Dog Collar as the best, irrespective of materials, design, and comfort.

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