5 Best Purina Cat Food To Thrive & Vivid Coat

Undoubtedly, every cat is different. So their food requirements are also different. But, when it’s about Purina, there is nothing to worry.

Purina brings multiple categories of proven recipes to thrive your cats irrespective of age and medical conditions.

For a novice pet owner, it’s difficult to choose the best Purina cat food that suits your pet.

But what if we round up the 5 best cat foods from Purina by keeping your cat’s age, health, and wellness in mind?

Oh, that’s great! 

Yes, we don’t say it, instead we mean it. Here you’ll get an honest review with positive and negative feedback. So, let’s check…

Is Purina One Good For Cats?

Before going to the review section, it’s better to let you know whether the Purina one is good for cats, and the criteria that helps us to detect the answer.

Yes, Purina One is good for cats, and there are solid reasons to define it as cat-friendly food. Some of the reasons are

  • Most veterinarians recommend Purina One for cats by analyzing its ingredients, and well-processing for nutritional value intact.

  • Most cat parents reviewed positively after feeding the science-backed recipes to their kitten, adult, or hairball-prone cats.

  • Cats love dry and wet Purina formulas for comfortable size kibbles and well-maintained moisture.

  • Even if your cats are finicky, they’ll love its persuasive flavor.

  • The price of the food won’t break your wallet.

Best Purina Cat Food Comparison Table


Best For 

Age Recommendation 

Percentage Of Nutritional Value 

Available Flavor 


Available Package size

Purina One Dry & Wet Kitten Food

Best For Kittens 


For dry food

Crude Protein (min) 40%

Crude Fat (min) 18%

Crude Fiber (max) 2.5%

Moisture (max) 12%

Taurine (min) 0.18%


For wet food

Crude Protein (min) 11%

Crude Fat (min) 6.5%

Crude Fiber (max) 1.5%

Moisture (max) 76.5%

Taurine (min) 0.07%



Chicken & Salmon


Chicken+ Chicken & salmon

Improve malfunctioning & underweight


Shiny skin & coat instead of flaking 


Transform your lazy kitten into 

active, curious, and lovable 

3.5 lbs bag

7 lbs bag 

16 lbs bag 

16 lbs bag + (24) 3 Oz can

(24) 3 Oz can

Purina One Dry Cat Food

Best For Adult

5 years and up

Crude Protein (min) 34%

Crude Fat (min) 14%

Crude Fiber (max) 2.5%

Crude Ash 7.5%

Omega fatty acids 2% 

Chicken & Whole Grains 




Chicken & Beef

Ocean fish & lamb


High Protein builds muscle


Antioxidants improve normal blood clotting


Fiber improves the stool quality for upset stomach

6 kg (1 pack)

1 count (4 pack)

2.75 kg (4 pack)

3 kg (1 pack)

6 kg (4 pack)

8×85g (5 pack)

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Cat Food

Best For Dietetic Management

All life stages 

Crude Protein (min) 51%

Crude Fat (min) 15%

Crude Fiber (max) 3%

Moisture (max) 12%

Ash (max) 7.7%


Ensure a healthy glucose level in your dietetic 



Moisture keeps the cat hydrated and develop urinary issues


Develop shiny skin with a soft coat

10 lbs bag

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Cat Food

Best For Indoor Cats

Kitten, Adult, Senior

Crude Protein (min) 37%

Crude Fat (min) 9%

Crude Fiber (max) 5.2%

Moisture (max) 12%

Taurine (min) 0.15%


Ocean white fish

Turkey & Ocean Whitefish

Specially designed for sensitive stomach and skin 


Provide around 398 kcal per cup


Easy to digest & stop vomiting

3.5 lbs bag

7 lbs bag

12.5 lbs bag 

16 lbs bag

22 lbs bag 

16 lbs bag & (24) 3 Oz can

(24) 3 Oz can

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

Best For Weight Management


Crude Protein (min) 43%

Crude Fat (max) 12.5%

Crude Fiber (max) 2.5%

Chicken & Rice

Grain-free turkey & Egg 

Turkey & Rice

Offer 320 kcal per cup comparing other brand’s 460 kcal 


Transit lower calories to control weight gain 


Boost immune system to drive cat’s activity level

3.2 lbs bag

3.5 lbs bag

5.5 lbs bag 

7 lbs bag

12.5 lbs bag 

16 lbs bag

(24) 3 Oz can

Best Purina Cat Food Reviews

1. Purina One Dry & Wet Kitten Food - Best For Kittens

Let’s start with a pet foster’s experience

Jessica, a pet lover, owns two cats at home. But, several months ago, she adopted 3 feral kittens that were 2 months old. They were in terrible conditions, with upper respiratory infections, conjunctivitis, worms, fleas, and underweight.

Their black fur was a rusty brown due to dry skin and malnutrition. Immediately, she visited her vet for proper medical attention and to know their adequate diet.

Surprisingly, the vet recommended this Purina dry and wet kitten food bundle to feed them by mixing. Because they can get proper nutrition from the balanced food with no chance of further malnutrition.

She started to provide a handful of dry food on their wet food at each meal. When they reached the age of 15 weeks, she noticed an amazing transformation for the last 10 days.

Best purina wet cat food

The worst kitten survived her litter, as the food contains an adequate amount of taurine.  (the best cat food with taurine) She was beginning to recover her black color and proper softness. Her skin is no longer flaking, and her eyes are bright and alert. She tailgates up, becomes active, curious, and lovable, and plays with her old kitten.

The secrets of this massive change of these horrible cats are mainly three. Sourced fresh ingredients and maintained the right ratio to balance recipes for easy digestion. Added no filler and artificial preservatives. And kitten-friendly flavor that entices them to eat. 

What We Like

  • High Protein and moisture build stronger muscles and immunity 
  • Enrich in vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth
  • Improve teeth, vision, and brain development
  • One 16lb bag goes about 1 month, even for 3 kittens.

What We Don't Like

  • Amazon should be careful to avoid shipping date expired food.

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

If your family parts are 2 months to at least 1-year-old kittens, this Purina One food will be the best pick for you to feed them. Playing with healthy, active, and curious cats must be an enjoyable time that you can pass.

2. Purina One Dry Cat Food - Best For Adult Cats

First, admit it. All types of cat foods aren’t equipped for all ages of cats. So, we dedicatedly pick this Purina One Dry Cat Food for your adult cats who are more than 5 years old.

In an honest review, it won’t magically bring a significant difference to your cat the day you start feeding it. But within 3 weeks, you will notice a stunning improvement in your cat’s energy, digestion system, immunity, shiny skin coat, and bright eyes.

This dry food contains balanced ingredients for your pet’s overall well-being. Its high amount of Protein builds muscle, and vitamins and minerals improve vision, antioxidants improve normal blood clotting.

Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken and Wholegrains

Enough fat level of the foods will take part in transporting nutrients and other substances across his cell membranes. So, your pet will be stronger and be a master of hide and seek like wild cats. And Fiber improves the stool quality of the cats to avoid digestive upset.

Though it has multiple flavors, most fussy cats love chicken and whole grains. Even the size of the foods is smaller than most other branded dry foods for cat’s comfort. The crunchy texture helps to reduce tooth plaque and sharpen them with healthy gum.

What We Like

  • Great to feed any adult cat due to its allergen-free recipe
  • Improve immunity system to strengthen cat’s defense
  • Build higher energy and develop vitality levels
  • Multiple sizes for convent pick and fast delivery

What We Don't Like

  • Packaging needs improvement to avoid bags tearing during shipping.

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken and Wholegrains (1)

To keep your 5+ years of pet’s health in tip-top condition and thrive, you should try this Purina One food at least once. We can assure you it will be satisfying.

3. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Cat Food - Best For Dietetic Management

It’s normal to be worried, like most pet owners, if you diagnose your beloved siamese mix or cat diabetic. As your fur baby has already developed diabetes, he always feels hungry and needs more food than before. Even in some cases, he needs insulin shots to maintain his sugar level.

To keep your cat’s diabetes under control and manage his weight, you can offer none but low-carb dry cat food for diabetic cats.

But is it easy to find a vet-recommended diabetic management cat food that suits him, tastes well, and is easy to digest?

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Yes, it’s easy when Purina Pro Plan brings a formula after collaborating among a tight network of veterinarians, scientists, and nutritionists. 50+% lean meat protein and less than 3% carbs ensure a healthy glucose level in your cats.

Feeling frequent thirst and frequent peeing is common for diabetic patients, both human and animal. Though it’s dry food, it contains 12% moisture to keep the cat hydrated and develop urinary issues.

Furthermore, the cat won’t lose its strength due to this balanced diet. He must love this dry food’s kibble size and flavor and won’t feel as hungry as before starting this food. And you’ll notice the cat’s stronger muscles, healthy immune system, and shiny skin with a soft coat.

One drawback of this food is its price. Some pet owners find it expensive. But the price will be worthwhile considering the hassle of taking vet appointments, the day-long journey to visit the vet, and paying their fees.

What We Like

  • Fresh and organic ingredients ensure no toxicity
  • Enrich with Protein, vitamins, and calcium to meet unique nutrition needs
  • Small size kibbles for comfortable chewing and swallowing 
  • Continuous consumption helps to bring diabetes in the normal range 

What We Don't Like

  • It could be a little cheaper

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?


Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets dm

You should own this dry cat food to manage your pet’s diabetes with healthy growth. Most cats will gobble it up because of the food’s better taste.

4. Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Cat Food - Best For Indoor Cats

Nobody knows better than you how challenging it is to choose cat food if you have multiple adorable but demanding, picky indoor cats  (best dry cat food for picky eaters) with sensitive stomachs.

Maybe you sweated a lot and lost hope of triggering nutritious cat food, that gentle stomach to the cats and not breaking the bank.

Chin up, my friend!

Here’s a decent solution for you, and that is 

Purina One indoor advantage cat food. Most vets recommend this food for almost all breeds and life stages of cats. Because this is the formula designed for sensitive stomach and skin.

Purina ONE Natural, Low Fat, Weight Control

Fresh turkey is the main ingredient of this food to meet your furry friend’s protein requirements and muscle building. Soyabean, whole grain corn, dried yeast, and beef Fat ensure Fat, Fiber, vitamins, minerals, and zinc supplements.

Because of the nice blending of ingredients, this formula will provide approximately 398 kcal per cup. Feeding about 4 measuring cups daily is alright for an adult cat to get enough nutrition.

The cats will love the pellet’s size and flavor. They start drooling over them at dinner time. This easy digestive food will specifically stop vomiting within a few days of feed. And you notice that your cats are healthier, happier, and more active than before.

What We Like

  • Received American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCC) certificate 
  • Reduce tooth plaque and tartar buildup with healthy gum 
  • Fairly easy to open the bag and keeps the food fresh all month
  • No strong scent, and efficient delivery without damaging

What We Don't Like

  • Not completely grain-free

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

Purina ONE Natural, Low Fat, Weight Control_

Considering it as the best Purina cat food for indoor cats, you can choose it for your domestic and sensitive stomach cats. No further sickness,
glisten eyeballs with excellent vision, shiny and soft coating will grab your attention to adore the cats.

5. Purina Pro Plan Cat Food - Best For Weight Management

Does your meow meow less active and sleep more?

Do they look like big boys with 15-20 lbs of weight?

You are concerned about developing obesity, diabetes, or kidney disease due to their fatty appearance. Purina Pro can understand your feelings as a pet owner. So it brings a special dry weight management formula for shedding a few pounds.

These small-sized crunchy kibbles are excellent for transitioning lower calories than any other cat food. So your cat won’t build any severe medical conditions that go out of your hand.

Purina Pro Plan Weight Control Dry Cat Food (1)

Whereas most cat food has 460 kcal per cup, Purina weight management food contains 320 kcal per cup. Because it won’t have fillers, additives, or preservatives. Fresh and healthy organic ingredients boost the immune system, but not weight.

To maintain a healthy diet chart, you can offer 3/4 cups per day in addition to their old cat food. Within a few weeks, your lazy pets will become more active in the mornings after breakfast and at night after dinner.

What We Like

  • A decent and quick way of feeding your feline 
  • Your cat will be healthier and happier on fewer calories
  • Its probiotics nourish some intestinal bacteria for proper digestion
  • Cats gobble them with 100% satisfaction but do not gain weight

What We Don't Like

  • Quite pricey for multiple cat owners

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

Purina Pro Plan Weight Control Dry Cat Food

You must go with it to promote strong and healthy muscle development even with your cat’s weight loss program. Though, it was a little expensive. But considering vet medical fees, the cost is too little.

How To Choose The Best Purina Cat Food?

Every cat is unique based on its breed, age, and gender. Even every cat owner’s cat fostering style differs depending on their experience.

Is it wise to randomly pick cat food without knowing your cat’s type and conditions?

In most cases, you shout a big ‘No.’

And we do completely agree with you.

Here, a buying guide can help you to identify which features you should check while choosing Purina cat food.

Know Your Cat

First, you should clearly know your cat’s breed, age, and medical conditions. Otherwise, they may not like to eat the cat food you choose, or won’t that suits them.

Though, you know the cat’s breed and age. But it’s tough to determine their medical conditions without visiting a vet. That’s why we recommend visiting your regular vet before switching from old cat food to new one.

Types Of Cat Food

Purina has been a brand producing feline food for over 100 years. So it brings some special cat food categories, such as wet, dry, high Protein, healthy weight, kitten, senior, diabetic, etc.

That means Purina keeps open the door to pick the food that your cat prefers and do their well-being. So you should choose the food according to your cat’s requirements.

Source of Ingredients & List

A food recipe, whether for humans or animals, is produced with different ingredients to ensure nutritional value. Here ingredients sourcing, percentage, and processing are equally important because you would prefer to avoid intake toxicity or biased, unbalanced nutrition to your cat’s tummy.

Purina’s cat food ingredients are responsibly sourced from the United States and Thailand. It maintains an adequate percentage of Protein, fats, carbs, moisture, calcium, and vitamins with lean meat, soybean meal, corn, rice, etc.

Food Style & Flavor

Some people like crispy and spicy, but some like juicy, tender meat. Cats also have taste and flavor preferences. You can’t forcefully feed them any food.

Some cats prefer wet food, while some prefer dry, and some prefer a mix of wet and dry food.

In terms of flavor, some love turkey, salmon, rice, ocean whitefish, and a blending of Turkey & Ocean Whitefish.

No matter the taste and flavor preference of your cat. You’ll find all the styles, tastes, and flavored food in Purina.

Age Recommendation

If you have multiple cats, it’s obvious their ages and behavior patterns aren’t the same. In age, they may be kittens, adults, or seniors. In behavior patterns, they may be active or lazy. So, choosing a food designed for cats of all ages will be the best pick for you.

But, if surprisingly all your cats are the same age, or if you have one cat. You should specifically choose that aged recommended food.

Package Size & Price

Package size and price are important for both having one or multiple cats. Buying a small package for multiple cats or buying a large package for one cat is completely the wrong approach.

Because in both cases, you have the chance of facing frequent cat food buying hassle or food wastage. And one important factor in determining the price of cat food is its package size.

However, you can buy a small package for the first time. If your cats love the flavor, you can choose a large package.


Purina cat food killing cats?

It’s heartbreaking that brusselstimes.com reported that 3 Purina cat foods make the cats violently ill, with severe diarrhea. Even some complaints about the cat’s death.

Purina cat food making cats sick?

Unfortunately, many cat owners reported that Purina cat food made their cats sick. They found cats’ sensitive stomachs, upset stomachs, vomiting, and allergic reactions. So it would help if you switched to Purina cat food according to your vet’s recommendation.

Is Purina one wet food good for cats?

Yes, Purina One wet food is good for cats as a balanced diet. Like Purina dry food, wet food also contains each nutritional value your cat requires for healthy growth and lifestyle. Just one thing, wet food contains more moisture levels than dry food. Moisture is effective in keeping your cat hydrated.

Is Purina good for kittens?

Purina One healthy kitten dry cat food is good for kittens because it is uniquely designed with high Protein to support the kitten’s growing muscles and brain development.

Consciously Pick Purina Cat Food

We know pet cats are not less than kids for a pet owner. So, choosing food for them is a very sensitive issue. It has a direct impact on your cat’s overall well-being.

Purina has already developed a reputation as a cat food brand, supplying food since 1894. You can rely on it for your cat’s healthy growth.

However, you should be aware of the food and check its ingredients and expiration date to ensure the best pick.

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