How Much Does It Cost To Sedate A Dog For Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is one of the most important grooming methods to make your dog look neat and healthy. Though it sounds like an easy exercise, some dogs don’t enjoy it. And thus, you might take the help of sedating and want to know how much it costs to sedate a dog for nail trimming. 


Sedating and nail trimming of a dog usually costs up to $200. The cost depends on the dog’s size, the types and amount of sedating drugs the dogs require, and how much time the procedure takes.

This article will discuss the costs of sedating a dog for nail trimming. You’ll also know why nail trimming is a compulsory grooming exercise.

So let’s get started!

How Much Does It Cost To Sedate A Dog For Nail Trimming

Generally, the price of sedation nail trimming depends on various factors such as sedation level (from mild to general anesthesia) and dogs’ particular health needs. If the sedating procedure takes time and is challenging, it can charge more.

Basically, the cost varies and depends on various factors. So you don’t find the same price for sedating everywhere. The cost for small dog sedatives usually takes $30-$100, whereas large dogs require up to $200. However, no matter what determines the cost, you’ve to keep a $30-$200 budget to sedate your dog for nail trimming.

Which Sedatives Are Used For Nail Trimming?

Some commonly used prescription sedatives and OTC sedatives are used for dogs. Benadryl is one of them. These sedatives ease the dogs’ tension and anxiety while doing any grooming exercise or nail trimming. It makes the dog calm when he is nervous about clipping the nail.

The most common sedatives include-


It’s also known as PromAce. It usually costs under five dollars for a bottle. It would be best if you only used it under the supervision of a professional.


This one is also known as Valium. It costs under $40 for 5 mg or ml. Though it’s not FDA approved to be used for dogs, veterinarians can prescribe it for many problems, including stress.

Dexmedetomidine System

This is also called CNS. The price is based on the amount you need. Small dogs such as Chihuahua, (on Best food for Chihuahua with no teeth) Pomeranian or Yorkshire Terrier will cost under $100 for a container, and larger dogs will need over $100 for a container.

Are Sedatives Safe for dogs?

Though sedatives make your job easier for nail trimming your dog, it’s a medication. And there is always a risk you can feel. Many dog owners want to know whether the sedatives are safe for their dogs and how long the effect will last.

Well, usually, using sedatives is safe if you ensure some following things.

  • Once your dog is given a sedative, monitoring him is necessary. Watch how he reacts to the sedatives and how much the sedatives take time to work for him. 
  • Before using sedatives, gather some information about it if there is any chance of reaction. Follow the proper guideline to apply the sedative.

Is There Any Alternative To Low Cost Than Sedatives?

Using sedatives usually costs more. Thankfully, there are other low-cost options available.

Nail Trimming At Home

If you can trim your dog’s nails at home, it’ll cost much less than sedatives. All you need is a nail cutter or trimmer. So it only costs around $30 for the entire year.

Is It Safe To Nail Trimming At Home?

As we know, dogs are just like children, and most don’t like grooming exercises or nail trimming. They become anxious and sometimes aggressive, making it hard for you to bring them to normal condition. So we suggest getting help from professionals.

When Should You Apply Sedatives For Nail Trimming?

In some cases, sedation is compulsory for nail trimming.

  • When your dog is not properly socialized or trained and causes trouble with nail trimming. 
  • If your dog has had a bad experience in the past, such as if the dog’s “quick” was cut before, it can traumatize the dog even now.
  • Sedation is the only solution when your dog is afraid of the loud sound of trimmer or sharp tools

Nail trimming becomes hard if your dog is anxious, restless, and not sitting still. Thus this prescription drug allows you to manage and handle the dog while trimming easily.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Sedation Costs For Nails Trimming?

No. Pet insurance doesn’t cover predictable services like nail trimming, vaccination, neutering, spaying, or dental cleanings. They only promise to cover unexpected accidents and illnesses. If the Vet prescribed sedatives for treating any unexpected injury, then the health insurance might cover it.

Why Is Regular Nail Trimming Necessary For Dogs?

If you think sedatives go beyond your budget and your dog is not cooperating in this exercise, you may drop this thought to keep up with trimming. But it’s completely a wrong idea. Well-trimmed nail is the first condition for a healthy habit for your pet. There are also many reasons why you should trim your dog’s nails regularly.

Comfort While Walking

Dogs usually walk on their toes. So when the nail grows, it will curve and dig painfully into the paw pads. So they will have difficulty and discomfort walking on their toes due to the pain.

Curved nails also strain joints and leg muscles as the dogs walk in an awkward posture to avoid pain and discomfort.

Prevents Injury

When the nail overgrows, the dogs probably accidentally injure themselves. Dogs can’t grip the ground properly due to the long nails of their feet. As a result, they can slide and slip off on the ground. They constantly try to gain over their grips, which can injure them by cuts through the nails or damage to their bodies.

Reduce Scratching

Dogs are active and love to play very much. Surely they often play with you, children, or other pets. So if you don’t trim their nails regularly, chances are you or your children will get scratched by their nails while playing. The dog’s nails are so sharp that they can tear up the skin. Sometimes it can even lead to infection.

Prevent Damage To Your Carpets And Bedding

Dogs run throughout your house, and their long nails can damage your sofas, carpets, and bedding. Dogs dig their claws into the ground for traction while they walk. So digging into the carpets with long nails can rip or fray them.

If your dog climbs on the sofa or sleeps on the bed, his claws can rip the fabric. Otherwise, if he jumps on the sofa, you might need to replace it because his long claws can leave holes in the sofa. Since repairing or replacing the damage will cost money, keeping the nail trimmed is better to avoid this situation.

How Often Should You Trim Your Dog Nail?

How often you trim your dog’s nails depends on how fast the nails grow. You should ask yourself to observe your dog’s nails.

However, Dr. Whitney Miller, MVA, DVM, DACVPM, and Head of veterinary medicine at Petco, recommends cutting the dog’s nail at least once per month. Otherwise, it’s time to trim the nail if you watch their nails become too long or crack on the floor.


How much does a vet charge to sedate a dog?

There is no fixed bet charge to sedate a dog, as it depends on his skills, dog’s size and weight. However, the average vet sedate charge ranges from  $50-$75 for small dogs and $100-$200 for large dogs.

Do groomers give dogs sedatives?

Groomers can give sedatives to dogs if the vet suggests any medicine or prescribed sedatives for the dog’s grooming session. In that case, you must ensure groomers only give the sedative that the vet gives.

How long do dog sedatives take to kick in?

Usually, sedatives take 5-10 minutes to kick in. Depending on the medicine type and your dog’s size, it can take more or less.

How much Benadryl can I give my dog to sedate?

If you want to reduce your dog’s anxiety using Benadryl, then consult a veterinarian about it. Doctors usually recommend the following doses with a 25 mg tablet.

Dog Size

25 mg tablet of diphenhydramine

Little (4-10) pounds

¼ tablet

Small (10- 20) pounds

½ tablet

Medium (20-30 pounds)

1 tablet

Larger dogs

1 tablet for each 25 pounds dogs weight

Veterinarians typically recommend starting with half doses of Benadryl to see how the dogs react to it for the first time.


Using sedatives for a dog’s nail trimming is quite expensive and complicated. But when you must do this task, you should be ready for the costs. So as you now know how much it costs to sedate a dog for nail trimming, you got an idea about your expense.

However, compared to the benefits of nail trimming, the cost is worth it because it will save you from further trouble.

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