Vet Recommend 5 Best Cat Food With Taurine For Healthy Growth

Indeed, having a pet cat invigorates lots of fun, happy moments, and enchanting memories. To thrive your cute little cats, you should be more empathetic and careful while choosing their food.


To ensure fresh ingredients. Fast and easy digestion. Nutritional requirements. Heart muscle function. Improve vision. And so on.

Taurine is a must-have amino acid in cat food to build a healthy immune system. While feeding too much taurine is also a bad practice.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with choosing taurine cat food?

Here we are with our research-based article on the best cat food with taurine. We have cover ins and outs of the foods, buying guide, and some FAQs. So you can pick the right food that suits your furry friend.

Why Do Cats Need Taurine?

Before choosing taurine cat food, it’s better to learn about the importance of taurine in cats. That’ll help you understand why taurine is a must-have element in their food.

  • First, humans and dogs can produce taurine in their bodies from some other amino acids. But cats can’t produce themselves. So they need to intake taurine from their food.

  • Taurine takes part in cats’ easy digestive system, keeps vision normal, helps in normal pregnancy, and healthy metabolism.

So, as a cat owner, you can’t ignore taurine in your pet cat food.

Symptoms Of Taurine Deficiency In Cats

Since cats can’t convert other amino acids to taurine, they are more susceptible to its deficiency. You should know the signs of cat taurine deficiency to prevent it. Observing your cat helps you to determine the taurine deficiency of your pet.

  • Diarrhea and digestion issues
  • Get lethargic due to weakness
  • Tooth decay and hair loss
  • Retinal degeneration and irreversible blindness
  • Fetal abnormalities and hard pregnancy
  • Small litter sizes with low weight 
  • Kitten delayed development
  • Reduce reproductive performance

What Percentage Of Taurine Should Be In Cat Food

Maintaining a good percentage of taurine in your cat food is wise. It’ll help you to avoid cats’ over or under-taurine consumption. According to the Association of American Feed Control dry cat food should have 0.1% taurine.

Best Cat Food With Taurine Comparison Table

Brand Best For  Age Recommendation  Percentage Of Nutritional Value  Available Flavor  Benefits Available Package size
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food Best For Sensitive Stomach  Adult  Protein 40% Min Fat 18% Min Fiber 4% Taurine 0.15% Grain 0% Chicken Duck Salmon The small size kibbles are delicious, and crispy Easy-to-digest and no stomach inconvenience Improve clear vision, heart system, and shiny skin coat 2.5, 5, 6, 10, 11, and 12 Pounds 
Instinct High Protein Dry Cat Food Best For Sick Cat (Hyperthyroid & Kidney)  Young Adult Adult Senior  Crude Protein 47% Crude Fat 17% Crude Fiber 3% Taurine 0.15% Grain 0% Chicken Duck Reduce thyroid and unlock your cat’s healthy lifestyle Fresh ingredients intact nutritional value with minimum processing  Phosphorus helps avoiding cat’s kidney failure 1.8, 4, and 10 Pounds 
Wellness Wet Canned Cat Food Best For Hydration Kitten Adult  Senior Crude protein (min) 10.5% Crude fat (min) 7% Crude fiber (max) 1% Taurine (min) 0.10% Moisture (max) 78% Grain 0% Chicken Beef & Chicken Beef & Salmon  Chicken & Herring  Chicken & Lobster Turkey & Salmon Entrée Turkey Dinner Whitefish & Tuna Tuna & Salmon  Balanced diet for cats who suffer urine issue  Promote cat’s overall well being No artificial colors, flavor, and preservatives 3, 5.5, 12, 12.5 Ounces 
Purina ONE Dry Cat Food Best For Budget Adult Crude Protein 35% Crude Fat 12.5% Crude Fiber 3%* Taurine 0.15% Grain 0% Chicken Salmon  Top notch quality but won’t break your bank Crunchy kibble whiten cat’s teeth and reduce  plaque buildup   Your cat will be more energetic with smoother coats 3.5, 7, 16, and 22 Pounds 
Taste Of The Wild Dry Cat Food Best For Wild Taste
Adult Senior 
Crude Protein 42% Crude Fat 18% Crude Fiber 3% Taurine 0.15% Grain 0% Rocky Mountain Canyon River  Lowland Creek  Promote weight loss for fatty cat  Reduce deshedding and shines coat Cat will be happy, healthy, active, and playful 5, and 14 Pounds 

Best Cat Food With Taurine Reviews

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food - Best For Sensitive Stomach

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food - Best For Sensitive Stomach

Do your cats picky and have sensitive stomachs?

Do they refuse to eat most cat foods or develop digestion problems?

Whatever the case is, you can confidently choose Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food for them. This easy-to-digest food won’t cause diarrhea, vomiting or any inconvenience to their stomachs.

Blue Buffalo sources organic, fresh, and natural ingredients from their trusted partners to ensure better quality. It includes every essential food element in the package to thrive your cat.

Chicken and poultry-free lean meat fulfill protein requirements to build healthy muscles. Peas and sweet potatoes are the sources of healthy carbohydrates that ensure cats’ active lifestyles. Taurine and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids support better vision, heart system, and shiny skin coat.

Moreover, each food pellet contains an adequate amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. So your cat feels stronger and healthier with better immunity systems to be active all the time. These foods are grain-free to avoid cats’ gastrointestinal tract, food intolerance, or allergy development.

The chicken, duck, and salmon flavor kibbles are delicious, crispy, and easy to chew. So your cat won’t face any issue swallowing and digesting them. Even the strong scent of the foods grows their attention to eat them without wasting.

What We Like

  • Vet and animal nutritionists recommend that food ingredient blending
  • No grain, added artificial flavor, and preservatives
  • Develop cat’s muscle, immunity, and proper vision
  • Make the dry fur super soft, shiny, and glossy

What We Don't Like

  • The horrible smell of the kibbles won’t be pleasant for you

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food - Best For Sensitive Stomach_

Overall, choosing this cat food for your pet is a winning decision regarding quality and price. They suit your pet’s sensitive stomach and ensure healthy growth. To get rid of the struggle of finding the right pet food must give them a try.

2. Instinct High Protein Dry Cat Food - Best For Sick Cat (Hyperthyroid & Kidney)

Instinct High Protein Dry Cat Food - Best For Sick Cat (Hyperthyroid & Kidney)

It’s heartbreaking to diagnose hyperthyroid,  in your middle-aged or older cats. Overproduction of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones cause this disease. Unless you treat it and feed the food that keeps control of this hyperthyroidism, it can lead to other health complications, heart failure, and even death.

In general, thyroid-affected cats need animal protein-based high-calorie diets with plenty of fat and carbs. Even hyperthyroid cats are always hungry and need more food than average cats. Undoubtedly, the Instinct High Protein Dry Cat Food will be your best pick to unlock your cat’s healthy lifestyle by reducing the thyroid.

Let’s discuss its ingredients, sourcing, kibbles, flavor, and taste to justify our recommendation.

Instinct collects cage-free chicken, veggies, fruits, and other ingredients from responsible sources. Without any cooking and minimum processing, it packages the foods to keep intact the nutritional value of the ingredients.

The most interesting thing is, it also suits ferrets the best cat food for ferrets for their proper ingredients blending. That’s why you won’t have to choose separate food for them when you have both cats and ferrets.

Real chicken, animal meals, and veggies are the sources of 95% protein. This higher volume of protein promotes your cat’s healthy muscles and joints.

Natural probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and omegas take part to keep your cat’s fast and trouble-free digestive system, build immune, teeth and gum health, and shiny skin and coat. Phosphorus helps to avoid kidney failure.

There are no artificial preservatives, and fillers to keep the food pure, fresh, and organic. Kibbles’ taste and flavor are so delicious that your cat will crave them.

What We Like

  • The recipe entices your cat for comfortable eating
  • Raw, healthy, and nutritious to meet cats’ requirements 
  • Improve digestion system even for a food-sensitive cat
  • Increased cats’ energy, vitality, and mealtime excitement

What We Don't Like

  • The package should be airtight double wrapped to avoid ants’ attack. 

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

Instinct High Protein Dry Cat Food - Best For Sick Cat ( Hyperthyroid & Kidney)

Instinct will be a good choice for a supplemental snack, get your cat’s weight up, maintain, and give a beautiful coat. If the car has kidney and hyperthyroid issues, you must choose it instead of others.

3. Wellness Wet Canned Cat Food - Best For Hydration

Biologically, cats won’t develop strong thirst. So they rarely drink water. But, being dehydrated is one of the primary conditions for their urinary tract health. Otherwise, they may suffer from bladder infections due to a lack of moisture intake.

When this is the case, offering wet food at their mealtime is the ultimate option to provide essential moisture and nutrition. According to the vet’s recommendation and authentic reviewers, Wellness Wet Canned Cat Food suits your kitten to senior cats with sensitive stomachs. the best cat food for senior cats with sensitive stomachs

Because the main ingredients of this wet food are chicken, lean meats, different types of fruits, and veggies. All these ingredients are natural, fresh, and organic due to responsible sourcing.

Wellness Wet Canned Cat Food - Best For Hydration

Each food contains high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and many other nutritional facts. That’s why it helps you to maintain your cat’s balanced diet.

The 78% moisture level of the food keeps the cat hydrated all the time to avoid urinary issues. While protein, fat, fiber, and taurin promote stronger muscle, energy, playful time, a better immune system, and bright eyes with a shiny coat.

On top, the food is absolutely free from toxic grains, artificial colors, flavor, and preservatives. So you love the fresh looking of the food, and your pet loves the smell that entices them to eat the whole bowl of food.

Some users find the can opening is super easy by pulling the cover’s O-ring. But, some users complain about the sharp edge that cuts their fingers when opening the can. Overall, if the company includes a can opener in the package, that will be very convenient for the users.

What We Like

  • Ingredients are fresh, safe, and nutritious
  • Great for healthy teeth with fresh breathing  
  • No bone shards, white stuff, or bad smells
  • Super digestive for all ages of cats without any stomach problems

What We Don't Like

  • A little bit expensive

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

Wellness Wet Canned Cat Food - Best For Hydration-

Wellness has good ingredients with high moisture levels, protein, and fiber, but no grain. You won’t think twice about choosing this food for your urinary bladder infectious cats.

4. Purina ONE Dry Cat Food - Best For Budget

No matter how many cats you have and what their age is. Purina One Dry Cat Food will be suitable for 4 months of kittens to 18 years of senior cats. That’s why you won’t need separate cat food for them. Even the most reasonable price of this cat food will be worth fostering many cats within a decent budget.

Once you put the food in the cats’ bowl, their eyes light up for the deliciously crunchy bites or tender meaty morsels. They also love the chicken or salmon flavor of the foods that automatically entice them.

Most reviewers said they get better results like more energetic cats, smoother coats, and no stomach upset or vomiting within 6 weeks of including this food in their cat’s diet. That means you will get top-notch benefits from these foods.

Purina ONE Dry Cat Food - Best For Budget

Purina One blends all the cat’s essential nutrients in this food with fresh chicken, rice flour, veggies, and fruits. Such as meat ensures protein and taurine, rice flour ensures carbs, and veggies and fruits provide vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids.

When your cats eat an adequate amount of these foods regularly, their muscles will be stronger, their immune system will improve, and skin will be more nourished than before. On top, due to chewing crunchy kibble, their teeth will be whitened with no chance of building plaque.

Concern about food contamination and impurities?

Purina One believes in natural pet food and is 100% free from artificial filler, colors, and preservatives. So your peaky, and super sensitive cats also approve this food to their bowl.

What We Like

  • Fresh and organic ingredients with proper blending
  • Offer cats required nutrition with delicious taste 
  • IBS, sensitive, and allergic-prone cats can tolerate 
  • No digestive disaster that impacts your cat’s health

What We Don't Like

  • Bad litter smell

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

Purina ONE Dry Cat Food - Best For-Budget

Purina One suits all ages of cats and comes at a reasonable price. So as a multiple cat owner, it’ll be a great pick for you. Apart from that, the food will crave your cat for healthy growth.

5. Taste Of The Wild Dry Cat Food - Best For Wild Taste

Cats are feline and predatory animals fond of the wild taste. So it isn’t easy to give your pet cat wildy tasted food at home. The brand, Taste Of The Wild, can understand your pain and produce dry cat food with the same flavor and wild taste.

Your posse cats immediately love the flavor and eat the whole bowl of kibbles within a few moments. After continuing this food for 2-3 months, you’ll notice significant changes in your cats.

They shed extra weight, energy levels go up, heart and vision function well, crazy shedding calms down a lot with a beautiful medium to long coat, and they look pretty. They’ll become more companion cats than part-time pets.


Taste Of The Wild Dry Cat Food - Best For Wild Taste

Behind these tremendous changes in your cats, food’s fresh, natural, balanced ingredients work as a back fighter. Smoked Salmon & Roasted Venison meet the protein need. Different vegetables and fruits meet the requirements of vitamins, minerals, zinc, phosphorus, taurine, other probiotics, and antioxidants.

All the food ingredients are sourced responsibly and processed by maintaining proper hygiene. The size of the kibbles is small enough that all ages of your cats will accept to chew with no difficulties. So the cat can easily digest the food without any tummy trouble.

What We Like

  • Cats love the taste  and flavor for long time diet
  • Right choice for a kitten to senior cats with no digestive issue
  • Looks fresh and incredibly increases cats’ metabolism & viability
  • Shiny and soft fur and no eye or ear problem

What We Don't Like

  • Stronger urine smell in the litter box 

Why Should You Buy This Cat Food?

Taste Of The Wild Dry Cat Food - Best For Wild Taste

Taste of the Wild should be your hit from all the right points: quality ingredients, high protein, grain-free, American-made, and affordable.

How To Choose The Best Cat Food With Taurine

Your pet’s smiling face, proper health, and playful activity make your day, and that is priceless. So you should judge your cat food based on some criteria. Let’s see what they are

Vet Recommendation Is A Must

First, you should talk to your regular vet about your cat. They can inform you about your cat’s health condition (sensitive stomach, diabetes, bad kidney, hyperthyroid, allergic-prone skin, de-shedding issues) and nutritional requirements. However, based on their diagnosis, they can also suggest the right food that meets the cat’s needs.

You don’t need to visit the vet if you already know about your cats. But you have to choose a brand that has vet recommendations.

Ensure Proper Nutritional Value

It is more important to look at the nutritional analysis. Cats need a lot of meat protein and not a lot of carbs. Grain-free is also important as cats don’t digest corn and other grains well. But “grain-free” isn’t the only fact you should look for.

Because many foods are grain-free, they increase their protein content by adding fillers like potatoes and peas. That makes the food still grain free. But they will need to provide a better source of protein for cats.

So for best practice, check the ingredients list and their percentage to clearly understand food’s nutritional facts. Choose the food that meets your cat’s nutritional needs without too many fillers.

Palatability Increase Meal Time Enjoyment

Though palatability is pretty subjective, depending on the individual cat’s preference. For picky cats, it’s more subjective. No matter what, your cat has to eat the food well and enjoy the taste. So you should consider the kibbles’ size, shape, and hardiness.

Your pet’s eating habits between dry vs. wet, raw vs. cooked, and chicken vs. duck flavor are must-check factors to ensure palatability. You can’t ignore them.

Cost Effectiveness Cuts Spending Extra Penny

Though cost is the least important among the criteria, you should check the price not to break the bank for the same quality food. At first glance, you may find the price is affordable or expensive. But when you break down the overall price into a per pound or Oz, you’ll get the exact cost.

If you are an owner of many cats, a single penny significantly impacts your budget. But, the cost won’t be more impactful for those with 1-2 cats.

Package Size & Weight

Considering package size may not come to your mind. But, it’s important for trial and suit. Let me explain

It costs you a lot if you have 1-2 cats and buy large package-size foods for them. But, unfortunately, your cat won’t love it, or the food won’t suit them, or develop any health issues. You have to immediately stop offering this food to your cat. The rest of the food will be useless, for which you spend your bucks.

So the wisest decision is to buy a small size package for the first time. If that suits your cat, you can continue buying the larger package to avoid frequent buying.

Offer Several Foods

It is a great practice not to feed your cat the same food all the time. Expose them to many different proteins. It helps to prevent food intolerance development. Consider buying a bag of several different cat foods. Switch them up. Mix them up. And figure out what works best for your cats. 571


How Much Taurine Do Cats Need?

According to research by Cambridge University Press, taurine requirement for kittens is 400 mg per kg, and a pregnant cat needs 500 mg per kg from dry food.

Is taurine good for cats with kidney disease?

Yes, taurine works as an antioxidant and is good for cats with kidney disease. Because it helps to prevent diabetic nephropathy, glomerulonephritis, chronic renal failure, and (AKI) acute kidney injury.

Natural sources of taurine for cats?

There are many organic and natural food items that contain taurine. So you can feed them to your cat besides  commercial cat food with taurine. Some of these are chicken, chicken liver, egg, scallops, clams, and krill.

Thrive Your cats With Taurine Enriched Food

Come on. Build their stronger muscle, better immunity system, and shiny coat with the best cat food with taurine. Fire up energy to jump-start their actions. Make your cat and your day happy with smiling faces. Enjoying playful time.

No matter which cat food you choose from our list, you’ll be satisfied. But, still, it would be better to get our opinion to select one.

Instinct High Protein Dry Cat Food will be the best pick for well to sick cats. You’ll find it better in terms of recipe, nutrition, and easy digestion.

Have fun with your pet!

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