5 Best Bones For Dogs Teeth To Improve Oral Health and Fresh Breath

Wouldn’t you like to dance with your furry friend’s eye-popping smiles with sparkling teeth?

Wouldn’t that charge your day with joy and positive energy?

But what if, suddenly notice plaque and tartar development in your dog’s teeth?

Do you worry about their dental health and fear not enjoying energy booster dog smiles?

Thinking of appointing a vet?

Yes, that’s a better idea. But, we have a cheaper solution than that for you.

Since chewing is a dogs’ natural behavior, we use this habit to leverage teeth problems. Offering dog chews designed for dental health care can help you ruin a dog’s teeth problem by nipping them in the bud.

We have narrowed down the 5 best bones for dogs teeth that are vet recommended, natural, entertaining, tasty, and healthy. Here, we discuss every nook and cranny of the bones to provide a concrete concept. So you can pick the right one for your beloved pets that suit them.

Do Bones Really Clean Dog Teeth?

Think about wild dogs. Nobody cares about their dental health. But, still, their teeth are sharper, stronger, and cleaner than your pet dogs. They chew the bones of their prey, and basically, the canines of the bones help to improve their dental health.

So if you logically consider it, you’ll find a correlation between chewing bones and clean dog teeth. However, there are also some foolproof ways that bones can keep the dog’s teeth clean. Such as

  • When the dog chews the bones, it works like a jaw and oral muscle exercise. So, the entire dog’s mouth structure will be benefited.

  • Chewing the bones will activate the teeth nerve and reduce plaque and tartar buildup. No plaque and tartar mean clean teeth.

  • Dogs enjoy chewing a bone more than brushing their teeth. Because chewing a bone is fun, whereas brushing teeth is boring.

Best Bones For Dogs Teeth Comparison Table


Best For 

Dog’s age & Weight 

Bone’s Type & Flavor 



Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats

Best For Overall

More than 6 months Or 5 pounds

Edible & Original flavor 

Delicious and nutritious

Flexible to take dog’s teeth shape

Promotes  dogs’ fresh breathing 

36 Oz or 130 pieces of treats

Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats

Best For Large Breed Dogs


More than 5 pounds


Mint, chicken, & beef flavor 

Used 100% natural ingredients 

Healthy, tasty and easy to chew

X shape design for matching large dogs’ teeth

32 pieces of treats 

Nylabone Classic Chew Toy For Dogs

Best For Aggressive Chewers


More than 5 pounds


Bacon & Chicken flavor 

Made from most rigid nylon material 

Great for repeated chewing 

Clean the tartar and plaque 

2 pieces of treats 

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Treats

Best For Medium Breed Dogs


More than 5 pounds



Contains high-quality parsley, peas, and blueberries

Ensure fresh dog breath, gentle digestion, & healthy teeth

No added artificial preservatives and colors

12 pieces of treats 

Nylabone Power Dog Chew

Best For Durability


More than 5 pounds


Beef Jerky

Improve healthy and positive chewing habits.


destructive chewing habits

Prevent plaque and tartar development 

2 pieces of treats 

Best Bones For Dogs Teeth Reviews

1. Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats - Best For Overall

Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats - Best For Overall
If your dogs are exceptionally picky about treats, it’s hard for you to find the right bones for them. But fortunately, the Greenies bring the dog bones with high-quality ingredients, full of vitamins, minerals, nutrition, and natural flavor. So your dogs will love it to chew and get the essential dental care from the bones.

You’ll be surprised to notice its flexibility, which is excellent for taking your dogs’ teeth shape and sinking with gum. That’s why your dogs find it easy to chew. When they chew the bone, it will fight against the dog’s plaque and tartar. That helps to keep your dog’s teeth white, healthy, and active.

However, besides reducing plaque and tartar, the bone promotes the dog’s fresh breathing instead of being sticky. So, you discover your dogs are more adorable, healthy, and happy than before.

Are you concerned about your dogs’ breed, age and size? 

The Greenies designed its dog treats to cut all concerns about your dogs. Because the bone is suitable for almost all breeds of dogs, including chihuahua the Best food for Chihuahua with no teeth or Boston. In terms of age, weight, and size, you must follow a basic guideline available in its package.

However, the bones are not suitable for those under 6 months of age and who are less than 5 pounds of weight. So before choosing the treat for your dog, you must focus on your dogs’ age and weight to avoid any dental health risks.

What We Like

  • Vet recommended dog dental treats 
  • High-quality ingredients make the bone fresh and tasty 
  • Soft and delicious to chew, even for a small dog
  • Grain-free, highly digestible, and ensures balanced nutrition.

What We Don't Like

  • It may cause constipation from eating more than the recommended amount.

Why Should You Buy These Bones?

Seeing your dogs’ happy smiles with freshen breathing is the core reason to buy the bone. Full of nutrition that boosts healthy teeth, gum, easy chewing, and digestion of your dogs are some of the other notable causes.

2. Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats - Best For Large Breed Dogs

Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats - Best For Large Breed Dogs
Our next choice, the Pedigree Dentastix Treats, is made especially for large dogs like
German Shepherd, the best ear cleaner for german shepherds) Poodle, Chihuahua, Retriever, Cooper, Akita, etc. So, if you have anyone among them, you can undoubtedly choose these dog treats to maintain your dogs’ regular teeth hygiene without brushing.

These treats have 100% natural ingredients full of vitamins, minerals, sodium, salt, and other nutritional facts. Apart from this, the bone sticks’ unique X shape design will match the adult large dogs’ teeth and gum shape, so they feel better chewing the treats.

On top-notch, the treats come in 3 flavors; mint, chicken, and beef. So, you can choose the treats’ flavor based on your dog’s preference. Besides three flavors, they are excellent for offering you 3 benefits with their triple action formula. It is clinically proven that chewing the bones help your dog to reduce tartar and plaque buildup and ensure fresh breath.

On top of that, the bone stick is also beneficial to work as a healthy snack for your beloved pet. That means once you feed a treat, it fills your dog’s tummy and ensures maximum oral hygiene and gum line massaging.

It is recommended to offer a maximum of 1 treat for an adult dog and ½ for an average size dog. Since one package of Pedigree Dentastix contains 32 Treats, that’ll go more than one month. However, as the treats are affordable, you find them cheaper than a dog dental checkup.

What We Like

  • Most dogs will love the treats due to their flavor, and taste
  • Promote dog’s oral health by reducing plaque and tartar building 
  • The treat’s unique X design cleans the gumline
  • Easy to chew, digest, and full of nutrition

What We Don't Like

  • Ridiculous packaging that must be improved 

Why Should You Buy These Bones?

The Pedigree Dentastix Treats are natural and organically sourced. So you can offer them to keep your dogs fresh, breathing, healthy mouth, and plaque and tartar-free teeth.

3. Nylabone Classic Chew Toy For Dogs - Best For Aggressive Chewers

Most large breed and size dogs like 175lbs Dane, 120lbs Mastiff, 80lbs Standard Poodle, 80lbs GoldenDoodle, 75lbs Shepard, or 54lbs Pitbull Mix all are mostly aggressive chewers. Nothing is left with furniture, clothing, or even shoes when they tend to chew.

On the other hand, your furry friends may become fat due to their natural urge to chew. In both cases, offering Nylabone Classic dog Chew toys may be one of your best saviors because the toys are made with the most rigid nylon material and designed for prolonged-lasting chewing.

Moreover, the toys come with savory chicken and irresistible bacon flavors. So the toys can keep your dogs busy with chewing to satisfy their natural chewing urge.

In the meantime, the toys will remove the tartar and plaque (if there is any) to get back your dog’s snowy white teeth. If they don’t have plaque and tartar, the toys will prevent their formation.

Though the Nylabones aren’t like original bones that the dogs can eat. The vet recommends the bones for dogs, as chewing them has no health risk. They even help make the dogs’ teeth more robust, healthier, and sharper by discouraging destructive chewing habits.

What We Like

  • The bones are durable for powerful and aggressive chewers
  • Promote dental health care by removing stress and anxiety 
  • The dogs love to chew them for their classical shape
  • Affordable price than dogs’ gentle dental treatments

What We Don't Like

  • The dog, which has a sensitive stomach may vomit for longer hours of chewing.

Why Should You Buy These Bones?

You can offer your best pet friend bone toys as training and rewards. They are also great for encouraging positive chewing habits and developing stronger teeth.

4. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Treats - Best For Medium Breed Dogs

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Treats - Best For Medium Breed Dogs
Discovering your furry friends’ front or back teeth from tartar and plaque is disappointing. Fortunately, the Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Treats can remove this plaque and tartar with regular chewing.

These bones are built with simple but high-quality parsley, peas, blueberries, and many more natural ingredients. So the bones will offer your fresh dog breath, gentle digestion, and healthy teeth and gum since the bones are wheat and poultry free and unflavoured. Any dog finds them tasty and crunchy to chew.

Moreover, no artificial preservatives and colors will ensure maximum health benefits for most dogs. So the dogs won’t have any allergic reaction due to these treats. Even so, it’s ideal for offering one treat a day. But if your dog can digest the bones without struggling, you can offer them as much as he loves to eat.

The company won’t recommend offering these treats for less than 5 pounds. Even when the dog enjoys the treats, you should attend to him to ensure proper chewing and avoid choking large chunks. And make a bowl of fresh water available beside him.

What We Like

  • Right choice as a supplemental or intermittent meal 
  • Promote fresh breath, white teeth, and gum massaging 
  • Ensure no allergic issues or anything like that
  • Ideal shape and texture of the bones for chewing

What We Don't Like

  • Users find them more pricey than other treats.

Why Should You Buy These Bones?

You will love the bones to maintain your dogs’ bright, clean teeth, fresh breath, and healthy gums. Your dog will love them for satisfying chewing urges and crunchy bites with delicious flavor.

5. Nylabone Power Dog Chew - Best For Durability

Nylabone Power Dog Chew - Best For Durability
Dogs of any age, breed, and size find chewing fun to relieve stress and anxiety. But, since the natural bones add calories to their diet, you can’t offer them more than one piece a day.

But what if your dog wants to chew because of their natural chewing urge?

In that case, the nylabone power dog chew can help you to make your dog happy, as the chew bone is made from the toughest and most durable nylon material.

This toy bone comes with a delicious beef jerky flavor and rough texture. The roughest surface will help you to control the dog’s destructive behavior when your dog loves the taste to get extra enjoyment.

This durable bone will keep your pet busy chewing and improve their healthy and positive chewing habit. So gradually, your dog will stop destructive chewing behavior. Even when they chew the bone, it’ll help to prevent developing plaque and tartar.

What We Like

  • The vet recommended dog chew toys made in the USA 
  • Durable and long-lasting staff to level up playtime
  • Promote maximum oral hygiene with fresh breath and bright teeth
  • The right choice to meet a dog’s natural aggressive chewing urge

What We Don't Like

  • Not recommended for small dogs

Why Should You Buy These Bones?

Once you have this bone, you won’t need to be tired every day by thinking about what to give your dog to chew. As it is durable and has no sharp edges, the dog can chew it for many days to meet his chewing urge.

How To Choose The Best Bones For Dogs Teeth?

Admit it, all types of bones aren’t appropriate for all dogs. Because every dog is unique in its breed, age, size, and health condition. So the bone treat which is excellent for one, may be average for another, even harmful.

Before choosing a dog bone for your pet, you must consider some fundamental factors to ensure better oral hygiene for your dogs. Maybe you have already known some of them from your pet fostering experience. But, that’s not enough, as you can’t take risks with your pet child. Here are some factors that your must consider

Know Your Dog

First, you have to have a concrete notion about your dog, as you’ll choose the bone based on the dog. Here we make a series of dog questions, and you should know these answers.

  1. What is your dog’s breed? (Small, medium, or large)
  2. What is his age? (Years and months)
  3. What is his weight? (In pounds)
  4. What is your dog’s weight based on his age? (Underweight, ok, overweight) 
  5. What is your dog’s chewing habit? (Natural, aggressive)
  6. What is your dog’s breath? (Fresh or stinky)
  7. What is your dog’s stomach type? (Normal, sensitive, etc.)
  8. Does your dog already develop any teeth health issues? (Plaque, tartar, etc)  
  9. Does your dog have any health issues? (Allergies, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, etc.)
  10. Does your dog have any flavor preferences? (Beef, mint, jerky, chicken, etc.)

Those are the top 10 questions about a dog to understand its nature. You may add any questions depending on your dogs. Make a note by answering the questions and keep it with you when choosing the bones.

Types of bones

There are mainly two types of bone treats for dogs. One is edible, made with organic ingredients, and another is recreational, made with nylon. Edible bones are good if you want to offer the bones as a snack.

On the other hand, if the dog is already overweight, an aggressive chewer, and wants to chew for a long time, the nylon bones are the best choice for them

Natural and authentic ingredients

In terms of edible bones, you should check the ingredients list. If the bones are made with organic, natural, and high-quality ingredients, that’ll be great for your dog. Because they can ensure minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional facts that your dog needs to improve their oral health

However, you should choose edible bones free from carbs, artificial preservatives, and chemicals because these are harmful to your dog’s teeth and overall health.

On the other hand, if you choose entertaining bones, you have to check its materials, texture, flavor, size, durability, and many more things. Because your dog will chew the bones repeatedly for many days. In the meantime, your dog will create harmony with the bones. So you can’t overlook it.

Size of bones

No matter which bones you choose for your dog’s teeth, natural or nylon. The treat sizes play a vital role in efficiently cleaning the dog’s teeth because all sizes of bones aren’t appropriate for all sizes of dogs.

Small dogs need smaller-sized bones than larger size dogs. If the bone treats are soft and breakable, you can break them according to your dog’s size.

If your dog is large and more than 80 pounds, you can offer him an entire bone. For a medium size dog, which is around 50 pounds, it’s better to provide half bone. And the dog weighs less than 25 pounds, ¼ bone is good to offer in a day.

Bone's texture and flexibility

Dogs love to chew slimy and smooth bones instead of coarse and rough textures. The bone stick’s shape and flexibility are also important to comfortably chewing the bones.

The flexible bones can easily take the shape of the dog’s teeth when chewing than rigid bones. The more accurately the bones take the dog’s teeth and gum shape, the better it can reach the challenging area of the dog’s teeth.

So, it efficiently removes the plaque and tartar from the dog’s teeth and offers a fresh breath.

The most dog parents find, if you are conscious about these things when choosing the dog bones. It is hoped that you’ll be able to pick the right bone that your dog loves to eat.

How To Safely Use Bone Treats For Dog Teeth?

Choosing the right chew bones isn’t the end of your task, as you have to use them safely. Otherwise, it may damage your dog’s teeth rather than improve.

  • Offer the dog the right size, shape, and flexible dental chews according to age and weight.

  • When your dog enjoys chewing the bone, monitor him as he can fracture his teeth by swallowing a large chunk of bone.

  • Always ensure freshwater is available beside your dog. So when he feels thirsty, he can drink water to enjoy his bones.

  • Don’t always occupy your dog with bone chews, as over-chewing may upset your dog’s stomach. Offer one edible chew every day, as it contains calories. And for recreational treats, limit his chewing time to one hour.


Do vets recommend bones for dogs teeth?

Yes, most vets recommend natural and entertaining bones for dogs. Because chewing bones offer many benefits for a dog’s oral health. Some of them are preventing tartar buildup, maintaining healthy gum, refreshing breathing, and training positive chewing habits. So considering all of these advantages, vets suggest using bones for the dog’s teeth.

How can I get plaque off my dogs teeth naturally?

As chewing is one of the dog’s best activities, let your dog chew bones to prevent tartar and plaque buildup. Chewing bones are also effective therapeutic for dogs.

Is it good for dogs teeth to chew on bones?

Yes, it’s an excellent practice to chew large and hard bones. Because chewing bones will help to prevent tartar and plaque buildup. So there is a lower chance of your dogs having dental health issues that can damage their teeth. On top of that, bone chewing also helps puppies to freshen their breath and encourage teeth development.

Sum Up

Offering the best bones for a dogs teeth is just a substitute for them. But, if you notice any serious oral health issues in your furry best friend, don’t neglect to visit a vet. Because he can check your dog’s teeth and suggest the best treatment based on the teeth’ conditions.

Struggling to make up your mind? Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats can be your priority because of its natural ingredients, delicious flavor, and vast nutrition.

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