5 Best Dog Food For Collapsed Trachea  (Healthy & Digestible)

It’s absolutely unpleasant to know your dog’s trachea has collapsed. But, the good news is that providing a healthy, low-calorie diet, taking proper care, and regular exercise will help you eliminate your dog from this horrible health condition.

We’ve rounded up the 5 best dog foods for collapsed trachea, which are natural, digestible, nutritious, and delicious. So not only, your dog loves to chew them, but also they’ll help to improve trachea stiffness, and pain. Let’s look at what they are

Stages Of Tracheal Collapse In Dogs​

Your dogs’ trachea may collapse in their different life stages. However, there are three stages of tracheal collapse in dogs, according to the symptoms and pain. 

  • The mild collapsible trachea is the first stage, and no symptoms are visible in this stage.

  • Mild-to-moderate collapsible trachea is the second stage. Heavy breathing and wheezing are the symptoms of this stage.

  • Showing multiple symptoms, seriously collapsed trachea is the third stage. It must require the right diet, treatment, and care.

Why Do You Need The Best Dog Food For Collapsed Trachea?

No matter in which stages your dog’s collapsible trachea problem is! Chewing regular food with his collapsed trachea is very difficult for him. Even he can’t properly digest the food.

  • The collapsed trachea dog food is produced considering the three stages of the dog’s collapsible trachea. So that you can choose the food according to your dog’s requirements.

  • The foods are collected from grass-fed cows, which means they are 100% natural.

  • They won’t contain hormones, chemicals, or preservatives and are free of allergen ingredients.

  • They are easy to chew and digest. So your puppy’s stomach won’t be upset due to chewing these foods.

  • So once you offer your four-legged companion the right food, it will ensure your dog’s healthy weight and optimal breathing as they contain fewer calories than any other dog food.

  • When you continue the right diet in the long run, your dog will gradually recover from the collapsed trachea.

Best Dog Food For Collapsed Trachea Comparison Table​


It’s Best For


Dog Age Range


Best Bully Sticks Beef Trachea Dog Chews

Best For Quality


All Life Stages

3″ 50 units

Amazing Dog Treats Beef Trachea

Best For Budget


All Life Stages

6″ 5 units

Hotspot Pets Premium Beef Trachea for Dogs

Best For Small Breed Dogs


All Life Stages

6″ 20 units

ZIWI Dog Chews & Treats

Best For Large Breed Dogs

Lamb Trachea


4 units

Natural Farm Top Premium Beef Trachea Chews

Best For No Odor


All Life Stages

3″ 12 units

Best Dog Food For Collapsed Trachea Reviews​

1. Best Bully Sticks Beef Trachea Dog Chews - Best For Quality

Best Bully Sticks Beef Trachea Dog Chews - Best For Quality

The Best Bully Sticks Beef Trachea Dog Chews must be your immediate hit to treat or reward your furry best friend whose trachea has collapsed, irrespective of their spices. Because the Boxer mix, St. Bernard mix, Shih Tzu, French bulldog, Poodles, Havanese, German Shepherds, (Here you can make an internal link on best ear cleaner for german shepherds) Dachshunds all of them will love these beef sticks. You don’t even have to think about their age and weight to choose them.


Yes, there are countless reasons. But, in this review section, we’ll discuss the most important things.

The sticks are collected from free-range grass-fed beef with hand sorting and inspection. Then these are baked, ensuring no allergen ingredients, hormones and chemicals. So these are 100% natural, highly digestible, and packaged with proper care.

The textured surface of the sticks has ridges and a layer of fat. So when your dog grinds away plaque, it makes a crunchy sound. The dog can chew a 3″ stick for 20-30 minutes based on his eating habits and age. That helps to reduce trachea pain and stiffening.

One stick of the Best Bully contains approximately 80 calories. Some sticks can satisfy your puppy’s urge and fill his tummy. So he can sleep soundly through the night.

However, the sticks are a little stinky and greasy. So it’s best to put the dog on a towel before treating him with these sticks. And the dog may be thirsty after chewing these, so ensure freshwater is available beside your pup.

Key Features

  • One package contains 50 pieces of 3″ beef trachea
  • Maintain food authorities’ food safety protocols
  • Grain and gluten-free with low fat and calorie
  • Beef flavor, stick form, and perfect for all age ranges dogs

What We Like

  • The beef sticks will satisfy your dog’s desire to chew
  • High in protein help to maintain healthy hip and joint
  • The plaque helps to keep their teeth clean
  • Ensure no skin and digestive issues
  • Completely safe alternative to rawhide

What We Don't Like

  • They aren’t perfect for English bulldog


The Best Bully Sticks Beef Trachea Dog Chews are not only the best in their name but also in their quality and quantity. You can buy those sticks with no regrets for your dogs to keep them healthy even with a collapsed trachea.

2. Amazing Dog Treats Beef Trachea

Amazing Dog Treats Beef Trachea
Do you want to give a great treat for your Shepard-mix, Beagle, Rottweiler, Doberman, Bichon Frise, Newfie Doodle, Hound, Pitbull, Pit mix, Shitzu, Poodle, or any other dog spices? If so, nothing will be the right pick for you than Amazing Dog Treats Beef Trachea Chews with a little budget. 

These trachea chews are sourced from the free range grass fed of cattle, lamb, and beef. After collecting the raw chews, these are processed and dried with zero preservatives, chemicals, steroids, and additives.

A rough analysis found that these chews contain a minimum of 72.12% crude protein, 17.87% crude fat, maximum of 7.56% moisture, and 2.45% crude ash. These chews also offer Glucosamine and Chondroitin to your dog. So these are highly protein-based, easily digestible, and good for improving collapsed trachea stiffness and joint health for large breed dogs. 

They also promote teeth Best bones for dogs teeth and gum health and help to remove plaque. Besides all those health benefits, they are tasty, and delicious. Moreover, you can fill the treats with pumpkin to add extra entertainment for the dog. If the pup is a super chewer, one chew may last only 5 minutes. But for low to medium chewers, one stick lasts 20-30 minutes. 

But one thing, you have to observe the stick, and if there is any sharp splinter, don’t offer it to your dog. When your pup chews the treat, closely supervise him for the safest chewing.  Moreover, keep a bowl of water available to drink. And don’t offer too many chews at a time, as overeating may cause diarrhea.

Key Features

  • One pack contains 6″ long 5 pieces of chew 
  • The chews are sourced from FDA-approved facilities and get Paw approval  
  • A good source of rawhide alternative
  • Beef flavor, chunks form, and perfect for all life stages of dogs

What We Like

  • Good choice to treat all spices, sizes, and weights of dogs 
  • 100% organic, easy to chew, and digestible 
  • Help to improve collapsed trachea and teeth health
  • The price is relatively affordable to most other brands

What We Don't Like

  • The tracheas have a bad smell. But the smellier the chews are, the tastier your dog finds them.


We recommend Amazing Dog Treats Beef Trachea for your collapsible Trachea dogs because these are safe, healthy, and delicious. Moreover, you’ll love buying them in bulk for their pocket-friendly price.

3. Hotspot Pets Premium Beef Trachea for Dogs

Hotspot Pets Premium Beef Trachea for Dogs - Best For Small Breed Dogs
Our next choice is Hotspot Premium Beef Trachea, one of the vet-recommended dog treats for collapsible trachea in dogs. Your Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Yorkie, Weim, and most other smaller breed dogs will love to chew them because of their soft thickness and texture. So your dogs won’t get hurt (bleeding or mouth sores) when chewing them. 

On top-notch, these beef flavor dog strips are sourced from South American grass-fed cattle. Then they are processed with excellent supervision without added additives, chemicals, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients. That’s how Hotspot ensures its beef trachea quality, to provide a tasty and healthy treat for your pet whose trachea is not collapsed or already collapsed.

The treats are easy to chew and rich in protein, vitamins, fats, chondroitin, glucosamine, and other nutritional facts. All those facts work together to improve joint health, remove trachea pain, and as an energy booster. 

They stimulate the dog’s jaw muscles and remove tartar and plaque from the dog’s mouth. This simple thing will help to clean teeth and gum of your dogs and improve health. 

Since they are a little oily, you should properly wash your hands after offering your dog this treat. And if you have larger breed dogs, you shouldn’t choose them.

Key Features

  • One pack contains 6″ long 20 pieces of chew
  • Doggy-approved, ethically sourced beef flavor and strips form 
  • Great to choose for small breeds all life stages of dogs  
  • Grain and gluten-free makes them easy on the stomach

What We Like

  • Ensure quality, full of nutrition, but delicious 
  • Incredibly digestible and never upset dogs’ stomach 
  • These are soft to chew and digest for toothless dogs 
  • Remove plaque and improve canine dental cleaning

What We Don't Like

  • Smells bad, but your dogs love


The Hotspot Premium Beef Trachea will be your go-to buy treat for your smaller breed dogs with collapsed trachea problems. These are nutrition based, healthy, and tasty, so your dog will smile once you offer this treat.

4. ZIWI Dog Chews & Treats - Best For Large Breed Dogs

Do you have a large-sized Beagles, Sheppit, Newfie, or Bernese Mountain dog? 

Does his trachea collapse, and is he super picky about his treats? 

That’s a great challenge for you to choose the right diet for him. But there is nothing to worry about when ZIWI brings the lamb trachea flavored dog chews and treats. It’s a fantastic nutritious, delicious food supplement for your dog with a single protein. 

These treats are sourced from New Zealand’s free-range grass-fed cattle, venison, lamb, and beef. A natural air drying procedure is followed to process them. 

No additives, flavor, hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives, unnecessary carbohydrates, or ingredients are added to increase its taste and longer its life. They are gluten-free, pure, and natural and won’t have any skin or allergy irradiation on your dog. 

Before offering these trachea to your dogs, you should supervise the trachea to determine if there are any sharp edges on or not. You should closely inspect the dog when he chews the trachea to ensure smooth and safe chewing. 

However, these treats are super crunchy, brittle, easy to eat, and digestible. So your dog takes 1 to 1 minute 30 seconds to eat one piece of chew. So some pet owners find it slightly expensive to offer these regularly. Instead, they prefer them as an occasional treat. 

Key Features

  • One pack contains 4 pieces of chew
  • Ethical and sustainable standards maintain for sourcing
  • Lamb trachea flavored and chew form
  • The especially right choice for adult dogs 

What We Like

  • Quality ingredients and perfect for dog’s teething
  • Protein-based treats with low calorie 
  • Dry texture and no weird odors
  • Nice packaging to reseal the pack to keep them fresh

What We Don’t Like

  • It’ll be better if they come in the bulk size package 


If you don’t have budget issues, undoubtedly choose the ZIWI chews for your affected trachea dogs to offer them treats, entertainment, and rewards.

5. Natural Farm Top Premium Beef Trachea Chews - Best For No Odor

When most beef trachea for dogs are stinky, greasy, and have a smelly coating, the Natural Farm Top Premium Beef Trachea Dog Chews are the best choice as smell-free chews. Since they are grease free, your sofa, blankets, and the house will remain clean even after offering them to your dog. 

These treats are incredibly convenient for small breed dogs, like American Staffy Miniature Dachshund and German Shepherd pups. You can serve them as natural supplements to alleviate rupture trachea pain and reduce stiffness. Even these treats encourage fresher breath and brighter teeth for your furry friend. 

These tracheae are sourced from hormone-free Brazilian free-range and grass-fed beef. When packaged, they are kept free from artificial color, nasty chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Your dog will love them because of their crispy, crunchy, and delicious flavors.  

Besides flavor, these natural and simple chews are highly nutritious and digestible. So they won’t make your puppy’s stomach upset. If your dog is a small breed and continuously chews them, one pack will last at least 3 days. 

The company shares a small portion of its profits with planting trees and reforestation projects to maintain our ecosystem. That means you can support the green environment by purchasing Natural Farm trachea.  

Key Features 

  • One pack contains 3 inches, 12 pieces of chew
  • Beef flavor, stick form, and perfect for all small breeds and stages of dogs
  • Great source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • The packaging is sustainable 

What We Like

  • Decent quality and 100% authentic sourcing 
  • Healthy, full of proteins, but delicious 
  • Non-fatty, no chemicals, and no odor
  • Easy to chew, eat, and digest 

What We Don’t Like

  • A little bit pricey


If you want an odorless food supplement for your rupture dog trachea, nothing will be as great as Natural Farm. Equal size, digestible, healthy, and delicious are the top reasons to buy them.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Dog Food For Collapsed Trachea (Buying Guide)​

As a pet parent, you’ll be happy when your dogs are happy! But picking the right food for collapsed trachea isn’t easy if you don’t know what makes them best. So, let’s look at a simple but effective dog food buying guide that will help you overcome the obstacles.

1.  Know Your Dog

First, you have to know every detail about your dog to determine what food will be best for him. For example

  • What is your dog’s spice?
  • What is his exact age?
  • What is his exact weight?
  • What is his size?
  • What is his food habit?
  • Does he have any skin or food allergies?
  • What is his tracheal collapse stage?
  • How much is his trachea affected?
  • Is there any pain or stiffness?

Once you answer all these questions and note them down, you’ll get a clear idea about your dog. Keep in mind all this information to choose the right diet for him.

2. Sourcing And Processing

Different companies collect dog trachea from different sources and follow different strategies to process them. No matter where the tracheas are sourced and how they are processed, they should be 100% natural and organic.

In that case, you should prefer free-range non-hormonal grass-fed cattle, lambs, beef, and cows. Baked or air-fired no chemical, no preservation, no additives, and no added flavor sticks are good choices.

3. Health Benefits

The trachea should be rich in protein and vitamins but have less fat, moisture, and crude ash. All those ingredients ensure balanced nutrition for your pups. Even these ingredients help to reduce ruptured trachea stiffness, pain, and arthritis. They can be a good source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin  to improve joint health and remove tartar to make the teeth stronger.

4. Easy To Chew And Digest

Nonetheless, easy chewing and high digestibility are other consideration factors in choosing dog food. Because if the food is not easily digested, it can upset your dog’s stomach and be a reason for diarrhea and constipation.

5. Flavor And Texture

Since the dog is sick, it won’t like to chew flavorless food. On the other hand, the hard texture sticks may affect the collapsed trachea and cause bleeding. 

Most dogs love to eat beef-flavored trachea. So consciously consider the trachea flavor to entertain or reward them for maintaining a proper diet.

6. Size, Unit And Price 

Different sizes and units of trachea come in a package. You should choose the package considering the size and units because your dog won’t be comfortable chewing all sizes of the trachea.

A 3 inches trachea is the right choice for small breed dogs. A 6 inches trachea is the right choice for a medium breed, and 12 inches trachea is the right choice for large breed dogs.

The units of trachea help you to justify its price. So if you find the quality, quantity, and units of trachea worth your investment, you can purchase them. When there are multiple options, there is no need to buy the same quality and quantity trachea investing more bucks.


What aggravates collapsed trachea?

Some factors aggravate collapsed trachea. Windpipe worse pressure when using a leash, fast eating or drinking, excitement, exercise, hot and humid weather, all these situations trigger the collapsed trachea.

Can dogs eat with a collapsed trachea?

Yes, dogs can eat with a collapsed trachea but not as usual. They need special food and close supervision when eating. Otherwise, the problem may be worse than the present.

Is collapsed trachea in dogs worse at night?

Yes, a collapsed trachea in dogs can be worse at night. Because generally, dry and harsh coughs, known as ‘goose honk,’ may worsen at night due to pressure and excitement for cold weather conditions.

Final Words​

Now we reach the end of our discussion on the best dog food for collapsed trachea. You should be confident and not lose hope when knowing about the collapsible trachea problem in your dogs.

Take care of your dog, choose and feed a healthy diet from our list. We suggest Best Bully Sticks Beef Trachea Dog Chews as they are incredibly maintain quality, healthy, and delicious. Hopefully, your dog will recover soon with them.

Moreover, you should consult with an expert vet not to take the risk with your dog’s health and ensure the best outputs. 

Wish a healthy and happy life for your dog and you.

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